The Explosive Truth About the Section 8 Application Process

Renters! If you are thinking about applying for Section 8, PLEASE read this first!

Have you wondered why it is so hard to find good information about applying and getting into Section 8?

As a landlord, I have tried to help my tenants enroll into Section 8 to help pay their rent. It was good for them, because they could have nearly free rent and good for me, because I could have a steady rental income.  At first, I could not get anywhere with Section 8; it simply seemed like it was nearly impossible to join a Section 8 program in my city.

At last, after a lot of rejection, trial and error, I FINALLY figured out how to “beat” the system. Throughout the process I compiled the information that I couldn’t find when I started. That information would have saved me and my renters TONS of time, money and aggravation.

Can You Really Get Into a Section 8 Program?

Yes! and I want to give you this information free. 

Unfortunately, most people don’t!

Why do the majority of new applicants lose out?

In most cases, it’s simply lack of KNOWLEDGE.

In the majority of cases, people get started by looking online or contacting their local Housing Authority and hitting a brick wall. Unfortunately, that’s what I did! That is just one small part of the process. You need to know the whole picture… you need to understand how you can bypass waiting lists and other techniques to get the housing you want soon. You could be losing Tens of thousands of dollars in rent by waiting on a long list and paying your landlord in the mean time…

Why isn’t this information easier to find?

Two reasons: Unfortunately, the people who are in charge of distributing housing choice vouchers for Section 8, are overworked, underpaid and have way more demand then they can ever supply.

Second, it’s the government! No one can understand the documentation they put out. The HUD and Section 8 “official” websites have a lot more articles out there trying to confuse you rather than help you.

Why can’t you get straight answers from people on how to solve your immediate need to get Section 8 Housing now?

Because getting on Section 8 housing is VERY competitive. You need every edge to get ahead of the thousands of individuals trying to get the same voucher. Everyone wants to see you go through the same process as the next person…. take a number and wait in line. I’ll teach you how to use your knowledge to get around those people.

So here’s the deal:

You will receive my inside knowledge of how to most efficiently and quickly succeed with your Section 8 application. I will provide you with hundreds of hours of research into the Section 8 program and the best part is, in honor of your support for this site and the success we’ve had with this product, I’m offering my information for FREE, once you’ve purchased access to “Take Surveys For Cash”.

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Here’s what you’ll get in my information packed  article!

  • A detailed description of my personal strategy for bypassing huge waiting lists in your city and getting a voucher quicker.
  • Additional Tips you never thought of and no one will ever volunteer to you… that will help you get your voucher faster than all the other waiting list applications.
  • How to be the first to know when new applications are being accepted.
  • How to look for new application announcements in the newspaper and other publications.
  • Why the majority of people don’t get on Section 8
  • Other major considerations you probably haven’t thought of yet
  • Don’t be fooled by other sites pretending to offer Section 8 applications! These are scams, because ONLY Housing Authorities can offer applications. There is no such thing as submitting a Section 8 application online and that should be your first warning signal!

This information will be provided to you SOON after you purchase your “Take Surveys For Cash” subscription as my FREE gift to you. 

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“Thank you for caring about those most people don’t want to even acknowledge. I’m very hopeful all because of your article! THANK YOU!!” – Ceci Heins

“…very grateful thanks ton!” – Toni Conley

“Thank you! Very good…at least we know we won’t be put out on the streets” – Sheri

“Thanks for all the info … I appreciate it.” – Joy

“Thanks for your help!” – Rita


What’s my agenda?

I want to help people with a topic that I have a passion for and I can provide this information at a no cost to everyone. I also want to help low income people earn real money so I highly recommend getting paid for surveys online. Join Take Survey’s For Cash site, it works! Once you’ve purchased access toTake Survey’s For Cash email your me your receipt at and I’ll send you my article within 12 hours, usually within 1 hour… There’s always new updates so I hand-deliver them by email with the freshest content!

Whether you decide to pursue a Section 8 application or not, this is your best shot to stop losing thousands of dollars to your landlord. Section 8 is a GREAT opportunity. It has been good to me. I would like everybody to have an equal shot at success. You deserve a fair start. It’s simply a matter of getting more knowledge. Good Luck – Let’s be in touch, Jason Strick.

You can have this information in your hands shortly after you’ve purchased access toTake Survey’s For Cash“. Once you’ve bought access, email your me your receipt at and I’ll send you my article within 12 hours, usually within 1 hour… There’s always new updates, so I hand-deliver them by email with the freshest infoYou’ll appreciate the amazing, ACTIONABLE ideas to get section 8 quickly!.

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