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How To Apply For The Section 8 Housing Program Voucher

Under the Section 8 Program the government helps low-income families obtain decent, safe, and affordable housing accommodations by paying a big portion of the rent — 60-70%, it can even be stretched up to 100% in case you have very little or no household income — by allotting housing vouchers. These housing vouchers can be availed by applying for them through proper channels. The application forms can be either availed by personally visiting the application office or by requesting them to mail them to you. After filling the application you need to mail it back at the address specified on the application form. (Learn how to save time and bypass huge waiting lists in your state here)

The Section 8 Housing program waiting list is opened at particular intervals and whenever it is opened it is advertised in the local newspapers along with the phone numbers, hence it is better to keep an eye on such advertisements when you are planning to apply for a Section 8 Housing Program voucher.

Along with getting such information from your local newspapers, publications and from the concerned housing authority offices you can also keep yourself abreast with the latest developments in the near future by registering for all access to our free email updates  along with other important and useful information for registered users only. When you register t we keep you informed of the latest developments such as when new applications are being accepted, from where you can obtain the Section 8 Housing Program application forms and where to submit those forms.

In fact once you register you will be able to submit many of the forms online in the near future. You can also obtain timely and vital information in the form of a complete Section 8 Housing package from our website.

Most of the families fail to obtain Section 8 Housing Vouchers simply because they don’t have the right information at the right time; they never come to know when new applications are being accepted and even if they submit the applications on time lots of information is missing resulting in rejection or delay.  Learn the secrets to quickly get on Section 8 here.

Whenever you are visiting one of the authority offices in your area or whenever you are calling one of the numbers mentioned on the advertisement you need to keep ready the following details in order to qualifying for the Section 8 Program Housing Voucher (the documented proofs of these details must be submitted along with the application form):

· Social security cards of all the members of the household. The names on the cards must exactly match those present on the application form. In case you have lost your social security card you need to visit your local Social Security Administration office and file a request to get it reissued to you.

· The latest/current photo identification proofs such as driver’s licenses of all the family members that are over 18 and less than or equal to 62.

· The original birth certificates of all family members.

· To documents that prove the existence of your permanent resident such as a telephone bill or some form of utility bill. In case you are homeless or if you lost your home in a disaster then there will be some local disaster or rescue centre from where you can get a proof stating that you do not have a permanent residential address.

· Proofs of annual income coming from individual family members. In case you are employed you will need to get a wage verification certificate signed by your employer.

· Documents that provide information regarding your other sources of state welfare help such as social security, food stamps, pensions, market value of the property owned, child-support (at least details for the past one year) , etc., if any. If you are on the other hand providing child support then they will give you another form to mention that. Basically, if some kind of money or help comes to your family you have to mention it while applying for your Section 8 Housing Program Voucher.

· Names, dates of birth, addresses, telephone numbers of the head of the family and other family members.

· Information of disability in the family, if any.

You should apply at the public housing authority in the city or county where you actually plan to rent the house. You can apply for the Section 8 Housing Program both at public housing authorities as well as at regional non-profit housing agencies. The best way of course would be to apply through our website because we have got many forms freely listed. Submitting your application online eliminates the chances of your application getting lost or getting delayed.

After several weeks you will receive an acknowledgement and then later on an interview date will be fixed for proper assessment. Make sure that you have got all the necessary documents ready by the time you are called for the interview along with your family.


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