Can You Apply For Both Section 8 and Food Stamps?

You may be surviving on a low wage and need assistance to get basics: housing and food. The U.S. government does its best to cater to its citizens. In a bid to ensure that U S. citizens have decent living conditions, there are programs such as the food stamps program and Section 8. You may barely be getting by and would like to find out if you can apply for both Section 8 and food stamps. Read on to find out your options.

Can You Get Section 8 and Food Stamps?

You may be wondering if you can qualify for housing when you already have food stamps. You may also want to apply for both Section 8 and food stamps. Are there any limitations when it comes to being a beneficiary of these programs? What would your options be? Before you exclude yourself from applying for a housing voucher and food stamps, it would be good to get informed.

Food stamps

To qualify for food stamps, you will need to prove that your wages are too low and you cannot afford to purchase food. Food stamps are issued to low-income earners on a monthly basis. This is through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

Section 8 Application Requirements

When applying for Section 8, you are to qualify and meet the need as reviewed by the housing authority. The application requirements for Section 8 will require that you provide information such as your name, age, contacts, Social Security number, criminal history, housing history, and your gross income.

Section 8 and Food stamps

The food stamps and housing programs are exclusively provided to low-income earners. Food stamps take the form of a type of income because you can use them in making purchases. However, the Department of Housing and Urban Development does not consider food stamps as income. It is possible that having food stamps may increase your chance of getting a Section 8 housing voucher. However, there is no direct relationship between you applying for food stamps and for Section 8.

The main factor that would increase your likelihood of being a beneficiary of both programs is earning less than the set minimum wage and additional factors such as the number of your dependents, your age, and citizenship or immigration status. The food stamps program mainly looks at your income and assets. Both programs have their own set of requirements and if you do not meet the threshold, you will not qualify. You may have food stamps but you may not qualify to get a housing voucher. Also, if you have a housing voucher, this does not affect your eligibility to apply for food stamps.

Secure your Future

In the end, you certainly can apply for both Section 8 and food stamps. In fact, it’s probably a great idea if you qualify. You may be in a tough situation right now, surviving on a low-income wage. However, you can secure your future and apply for both food stamps and Section 8. You will then have a foundation from which you can plan your finances and your future.

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