Waiting on the section 8 waiting list

Here are common questions about the section 8 waiting list

Waiting on the waiting list for section 8

Finding out the status of your section 8 application

You can usually call the customer service of the local housing authority. Here’s an even better tip many housing specialists now have an email address. You can simply email them. Remember always make sure the housing authority has your address and current telephone number.

Amount of people that get chosen to from the waitlist

This will vary by housing authority. The best site I’ve found for checking┬ástatus of even getting on various waitlists near you is probably Affordable Housing Online. In my tips and tricks for getting section 8 article, I can help you use the information on Affordable Housing Online to get section 8 quickly, even if you are already on the waiting list.

Transferring your section 8 application and waitlist status to someone else

You can transfer your section 8 application to another person. BUT it has to be someone who was already listed on your application as a household member, is over 18 and meets all the requirements of obtaining section 8.


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