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Washington Section 8 Waiting List Opens

King County is Opening it’s Section 8 Waiting List on May 25th


Here’s the facts:

  • The waiting list will be open May 25th, 2011 through June 7, 2011
  • It’s for residents outside of the cities of Seattle and Renton
  • The housing authority currently serves more than 25,000 residents
  • The last time the wait list opened was 2007 when they received 11,000 applications for the program
  • 2500 people will be allowed on the wait list
  • Applications will be selected at random after June 7th and then you will be notified by the housing authority if you make the cut
  • You must either
    • Be homeless or about to be homeless
    • Living in substandard housing
    • Or spenind more than 50 percent of your income on rent and utilities
  • For more info call 206-214-1300
  • Or go to their online section 8 application here

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