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Section 8 Inspectors will catch unprepared Landlords for these

1.  Inoperable light fixtures and electrical outlets (reverse polarity, open ground, etc.)
2.  Lead-Based Paint as seen in visual assessments made for units built prior to
January 1, 1978 or where children under the age of six are present
3.  Missing or inoperable smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
4.  Utilities (i.e. gas, electric or water) not in service
5.  Inoperable windows and broken or missing window locks
6.  Exposed wiring
7.  Missing discharge pipe from hot water heaters (extension pipe must be no more
than 6 inches above the floor)
8.  Evidence of infestation
9.  Damaged, loose or missing handrails which are required when there are four
or more consecutive steps (not including the landing)
10.  Cracked or missing electrical cover plates (outlets, light switches, junction boxes, etc.

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