Section 8 tenant-portion rents are dramatically raised in California!

Over 17,000 section 8 voucher holders in Santa Clara county had their rent portion raised. Dramatically!

Some received hikes of 10% or more! There are even reports of some families receiving a $900 per month increase.

This gives California the new distinction of having the highest rents in the country. 61 percent of the section 8 voucher holders are on fixed incomes. I can’t see how they can afford to pay the increased rents. Look for an increase in homelessness and dislocation of families in the near future.

If you live in California, make sure to open any correspondence from Section 8, because it likely contains the details on your rent increase.

There was a rally protesting the new increases last week in front of the San Jose City Hall. Let’s hope it had some impact that will lead to a repeal of these drastic increases in rent.

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