Section 8 Rent portion increased? Try the Self-Sufficiency Program

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development started a program a few years back called the Self-Sufficiency Program. Often, when a Section 8 voucher holder starts earning more income, and slowly get back on their feet financially, their monthly rental portion is increased. This counter-intuitive however since now the extra money the voucher holder is making is simply going to paying more rent, leaving them in essentially the same financial position.

This Self Sufficiency program allows that extra money from the increased rent to be placed into an escrow account, growing each month as the money is deposited. At the end of the program (normally 5 years), the escrow account is closed and the money given back to the voucher holder.

This great program allows Section 8 voucher holders to get back on their feet instead of extra money going to rent.

The Self-Sufficiency program is only offered in select counties throughout the country. Call your local HA today to see if this program is available for you!


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