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Enrolling in Section 8 as a Landlord

SeeThis question was posed to me…. “How do I become a Section 8 Landlord”

The answer is When you decide to accept Section 8 tenants, they will probably have a moving paper form issued by Section 8. Ask the tenant for the form, fill it out jointly, and hand it in to Section 8. You should ask the tenant for the # of the Section 8 program you are on and confirm everything you need to do as the landlord with them.

The bad part is… As far as I know, you have to go through this every time with a new tenant. Even though Section 8 may have you in their computer, they still want you to submit your contact information each time as well as some other items such as:

  • Property Address
  • Property Age
  • Property PIN – To make sure you are not behind on your taxes and you won’t be foreclosed upon shortly
  • Your Tax Id or SSN
  • Who will be supplying utilities for gas, electric, water, refuse, etc…
  • Comparable rents in the area
  • Possibly some more which I may add in the near future

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