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Section 8 Inspection – Lead Based Paint

A section 8 inspection can be a bit of pain. And the biggest pain can be lead paint.  Let’s cover this regulation for today. Basically if your tenant has any kids under 6 yrs old, you cannot have any peeling or chipping paint anywhere. So it’s tough. Some inspectors can be very picky and check every nook and cranny. Some just glance over a nice paint job and see that it’s well done and pass it. However if they discover a lot of chipping paint, they have the right to order a lead based paint test, which can be very annoying.  Then you basically have to hire a certified lead based paint tester have them swipe the rooms they requested and fax in the results. You don’t want to go there. So whatever you do, paint well and you won’t run into trouble.

Here are some areas they check for chipping paint where you may not have noticed it:

  • The corners of closet / entry doors where they contact the posts
  • Painted stairs
  • Window sills (OH BIG TIME)

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