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Section 8 housing in each state. How hard is it?

Looking for section 8 housing?

We know getting section 8 is competitive. But first of all, how hard is it to get section 8 housing in each state? I’ve compiled a beautiful visual graph that you can play with by mousing over the bars. This little gem tells you how likely you are to find section 8 housing in each state based on the competition of other searchers. The good news is, i’ve done all the work for you! Actually,all I did was look up the average amount of times section 8 was searched for on google for each state. As you can see section 8 Florida has the most searches by far. Almost double that of even California!

Where’s the easiest place to get housing?

So what’s the easiest state to get section 8? You guessed it South Dakota! Wanna live in a big city without a lot of competition? Try section 8 new york! only 320 average google searches a month!

Let’s see how some states did that are known to have a good cost of living and a lot of jobs did:

Nebraska – 40 searches! – Omaha anyone ?

Iowa – 480 searches! – That’s actually pretty high – Illinois which of course has Chicago, has 480 too!

Utah – Only 70 searches a month – not bad Salt lake city
Oklahoma – 260 searches … seems like a lot for a small population city Oklahoma city must be nice!
How about unfriendly oregon (known not to rent to poor people)?

880 searches a month on Google – Move on! Apartment and house owners are very picky about accepting vouchers. – Ouch!

Looking for warm weather?

California seems good. Make sure to look at section 8 friendly cities like fresno, laguna beach, redding.

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