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Section 42 income limits explained!

So we recently told you about a great Section 8 alternative called Section 42. These days, it can take years of waiting before you can get approved for a Section 8 voucher. But what do you do in the meantime?

One great alternative is Section 42, which you can read about HERE.

So now that you are interested in Section 42, the next step is to see if you qualify. Like Section 8, there are strict income limits set up to determine who may take advantage of this program.

Landlords whose properties are under the Section 42 umbrella can only rent to people who are at or below the income limits.

Now, the income limits differ for each state and even each county!

The best place to go is directly to the official HUD website. However, their website can be very complicated and hard to navigate. So to get directly to the income limit module, click here

Then, input your state and county. On the next screen you’ll see information for 50 and 60 percent income limits. Those are NOT the final numbers you need to pay attention to. The 50 and 60 percent text will be highlighted in blue.

Click directly on those words to take you to a new page. THAT is the information that you need. It will vary depending on the state and depending on how many bedrooms your family would require.

Have any questions? Leave a comment below and we’ll do our best to answer them.


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