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Renting options when you have a Section 8 Voucher

If you are lucky enough to be a  Section 8 Voucher holder. You do have many rental options.  However you need to watch out for some potential pitfalls.  To some landlords, Section 8 does not have the best reputation. There is a notion that Section 8 tenants may be unscrupulous and mess up the unit.  Therefore, some landlords will not even consider the renter. However, you should know this is illegal. Landlords are not allowed to discriminate agains Seciton 8 voucher holders and if they do, you can take action on it.  Also, although Section 8 is designed to put tenants into more desireable areas of society, frequently the places that rent to Section 8 tenants will be in mostly poor and minority areas.

What Ads Should I look for?

Most ads that have open arms to Seciton 8 renters in the classified section will have the text “Section 8 Welcome” or “Section 8 Ok” somewhere in the ad.  But you should not be afraid to apply to any place, talk to your local Section 8 office about your rights to rent wherever your voucher money may cover. Also I hope to link to some places soon online that I feel will have legitimate Section 8 ads.  If you know of any that have worked for you please email me.


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