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Section8 “Waiting List Lottery” opens. 40,000 Names to Be chosen for WAIT LIST?

That’s crazy. 40,000 names chosen for the privilege of being on the ? That begs some other questions. Like how many are now on the total wait list? How many years will it take to get from the wait list to a Section8 voucher if you were accepted today? If you have the answers, post a comment, if not, I’ll try to research for a follow up article.

This is an excerpt from the Skokie Public Library website describing the opportunity for the lottery:

“Through RentBetter, also known as the Chicago Housing Choice Voucher program, 40,000 residents will be chosen to be on a Wait List for vouchers that will allow them to pay only 30 to 40% of their adjusted income for rent for housing in the private market. To get on the Wait List, individuals or families must register for a lottery; registration opened April 17th and closes on May 15th. In late May, 40,000 names will be randomly chosen for the Wait List. As vouchers become available, those on the list will be contacted to determine if they still need housing and meet the income requirement and other criteria. Voucher holders can use the voucher toward rent on their existing housing, provided the rent meets program guidelines and the housing passes an inspection, or they can find another apartment, townhome or house in the private market. Eligibility for RentBetter depends on total family income, and income limits are revised annually; current limits range from about $26,000 a year for an individual to $50,000 a year for a family of 8.”

Oh and by the way, you can apply through but at the time of publishing it was down. Probably too many hits to handle.