Ask QuestionsCategory: I have Section 8Will Section 8 let me run a business to become self sufficient and the same land They help me pay for
Raquel asked 2 years ago

I recently began a course to become a nail tech and esthetician I live in a home that section 8 helps pay for the house has a small detached shed or what I believe was a garage it’s sealed because it’s in bad condition I wanted to know if I were to rent that area and restore it with my landlords permission, get the license and permits needed would I be able to use it as a salon would section 8 allow that I read you can’t use the housing they’re paying for as a business but this is a completely separate structure that I believe the landlord could rent if it weren’t in the conditions it’s in I’m truly trying to become financially independent I would like to eventually apply for help with homeownership and be completely off any government assistance and I’m trying to plan a way to do this I’m trying to create a three year plan to be completely off it in the mean time I’m trying to fix my credit amount other things

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