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Hector Munoz asked 4 weeks ago

HI, i just have a small inquiry on the rules of visitation on a section 8 building. I am trying to find the actual regulation supporting one of the articles you have stating:\”How Long Can a Visitor Legally Stay In My Home?According to Section 8 rules, a visitor CANNOT stay in your house for MORE than 14 consecutive nights without approval.Some of you may be thinking “Great, I’ll just have him/her stay out of my place once every 2 weeks and it will be all good.” WRONG!! The 2nd part of the rule states that a person CANNOT stay with you more than 21 nights total in any one year (12 month period, not calendar year).Also, keep in mind that the burden of proof is on you, the voucher holder, not the other way around. So if you are reported (by your landlord, friend, etc.) or are accused by your PHA of having an unauthorized individual living with you, it is your responsibility to prove otherwise.Finally, you should know that it is possible to formally petition your HA and your landlord to extend the 14 night visitation period. You must have a strong reason for this request and explain it clearly in your letter. Also, it is best to submit this letter as soon as possible; don’t want for the 14 night period to pass! If HA approves your request, be sure to keep their letter for your records.\”

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