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Tenant asked 4 months ago

If Tenants Power Is Cut off Completely, How Are they still receiving the full amount on the Utility Check- [Light Checks] – (as we all refer them as) …May I Remind you. Everything here is completely  electric. Before Jan. 2019 Everyone received printed out light vouchers pay to the order of <Light Companys Name>   We then sign our names on the back of them and on the front left hand corner. We write Our name and address which the light check get put on the account associated with our name and address….. well now as I was saying around Jan 2019 we stopped receiving printed out utility vouchers. Each and everyone of us tenants are now receiving, Hand Written personal check with the amount and our name on the line pay to the order of…. well its bothers me that tenants that have had children taken by CPS , accepts people banned from the premises is allowing these guest known for gang violence, drug users, drug dealers, well cleaned blinging, gambling, drinking alcohol, starting fights  in breezeway  and parking lots with loud music trashing the place in and out out units till all hours of the night. These guest have been tenants who has been evicted sentenced to prison , jail time, or treatment center etc are still receiving these checks and majority of tenants are cashing and pocketing it.. Since cashing these  hand written utility checks are being cashed ,, is this considered as income?

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