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Faith Kelly asked 1 month ago

I know a lady who is letting her granddaughters  with their kids and the one husband to live in a one bedroom small apartment with her. The one granddaughter and husband sleep upstairs in the loft with their 3 year old son still in daipers and drinks from a bottle and has a binky. The other granddaughters sleeps in the living room with her 3 kids ,boys 8-6 and a 2 year old daughter and her daughter sleeps with her and the grandmother sleeps in bed with them. The boys sleep on  over crowded couches covered in clothes. I\’ve called cys but they will not do anything about it. The boys have told me they want to go home to their own beds at their own apartment. But I don\’t think the mother has the apartment anymore. I feel it is unsafe for 3 families to be living in a one bedroom apartment.

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