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Stanlee Panelle Cox asked 1 year ago

I’m assuming this will address California S8 …
What is the process of changing S8 voucher size as one ages/becomes ill and becomes less capable creating the need for a live-in Aid/Helper/Companion?
I live alone with an ESA certified Miniature Poodle, after returning to the US ill and broke with no belongings but my 3 Airline trunks, on S8 and Supplemental SS.  I have been diagnosed with Kidney Cancer and I am caring for myself, Holistically with little help from insurance. 
I am finding my energy and strength inadequate to manage all the shopping, prepping, juicing, cleaning required daily in my healing treatments, in addition to not being able to afford it, and in addition to the usual ongoing house cleaning, laundry and dog care … not to mention not having a car/using the bus and needing to make things for use instead of being able to just go buy stuff.
I need help.  I’m depressed and spending way too much time alone.  I have very little will to do anything beyond manage through my routines, poorly.  I wake every hour after midnight and cannot get rested.  I wake scared and afraid to be alone.  I’m distracted and not thinking quickly due to lack of sleep and security and sometimes I leave the gas stove on; I left the water running the other day in a full sink, to catch a break in the rain and walk the dog, and came back to a flood …. amounting to a $100 plumbing bill for nothing, to be passed on to me! 
 I’m feeling like I need to have a live-in helper/companion or I’m not going to survive, either by accident or depression.  I can’t afford to miss the sales on the dogs food … when I do because I can’t walk to the bus or from the bus to the store and back … or the weather prohibits walking and busing it’s frightening how much I have to spend because I couldn’t make it to the store.
I don’t need an actual “care Giver” like many of my neighbors with Autism Disorder do but I need someone else in the house with me in the middle of the night, when I need to go to ER, to help with the cleaning I can’t do (Vacuum/mop/ceiling fan) and cooking when I don’t have the strength or just not interested.  I need help because it’s too much for one person, let alone one, not very well, nearly 70 year old, woman treating cancer Holistically, at home to the best of her ability.
How do I go about … what process do I need to know about … to increase my S8 HCV to a 2 bedroom so I can get a helper roommate?

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