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Thomas R Supe asked 1 year ago

Having read the information on your page at
I understand that HUD regulations state that a guest can neither stay for more than 14 consecutive days nor can a guest stay for more than 21 days total in any rolling 12 month period.  Can you please provide the specific document and / or HUD regulation that establishes this rule?  Unfortunately my girlfriend\’s landlord is presently accusing me of being an \”unauthorized guest\” and claims that the HUD regulations state that a guest is not allowed to stay more than 14 days total per year.  I want to be sure my girlfriend and I understand the regulations correctly to ensure we are complying with the rules.  Further, The landlord has issued a \”Notice of Lease Violation\” based on what I believe to be her erroneous understanding of this regulation in addition to presuming that because a bank statement I provided as proof of residency elsewhere shows I made purchases near the property that supports the accusation that I am staying there.  


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