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Lene' Andruss asked 3 days ago

I have been on my kids fathers section 8 voucher From 2012-2014 got off and back on in 2016 until now 8-2020 he is removing himself off the voucher and signing it over to me. I no when a lease ends you must be current on all bills or the voucher isn’t renewed. He owes a utility company which will not be paid by him when the lease is up and in my name. Since he is signing it over to me would section 8 make me pay HIS bill and have it paid off in order for me to obtain the voucher And have it in my name when the lease is up?? Or would they still sign it over to me since I’m not the one owing any past due bills and he’d just be in debt with a utility company once he’s taken off the voucher? Please help thank you!  

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