Shayla asked 6 years ago

I was living in section 8 housing with myself and my mother with a 2 bedroom apartment. She has moved out with her boyfriend and I’m still here. Theyve told me that my landlord will have to drop the rent price to a one bedroom apartment if I were to continue staying here and for them to help me. I’m just curious if you’d know how much he would have to drop the price? I’m praying it won’t be a huge amount.. Landlord is not sure and I haven’t been able to call. Thanks for your time!

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Section 8 Facts answered 6 years ago

The drop is going to be in accordance with the rate sheet of the local housing authority for example if they pay $1500 for 2br and $1000 for a 1 br then they’ll now only pay your landlord $1,000

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