Ask QuestionsCategory: General Questionsmy neighbor has more people living in her apartment then she is supposed too
w augustus asked 3 years ago

my neighbor has guests staying weeks at a time, and a boyfriend fulltime which is against her lease, this causes parking and other issues for my family.  

miranda a replied 1 year ago

I have the same issue as (w Augustus) and have reported it more than twice I have picture evidence this person has been there since nov. 5 2018 but nothing has been done so far.

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HLH answered 1 year ago

When I first moved into my apt in 2012 the old lady living next door had a douche bag boyfriend living with her.  He was NOT supposed to be living there.  He was a total asshole to me and nothing was ever done about it.  It’s crazy how they kick certain people off for one thing but let others on for something else.  My sister got kicked off because my mom has bank accts in my sister’s kids names and they wanted to know how much was in those bank accts.  It’s none of their business.  The kids nor my sister have access to those bank accts.  My mom has them set aside for when they get older so what does that have to do with them being little kids now. They don’t have access to them and my mom wasn’t about to tell anyone anything they didn’t need to know so she was kicked off.  But people can break the rules and everything is ok.  Crazy

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