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Concerned citizen asked 3 months ago

If a person is on Section 8 and go from 5 occupants in the home to “0” children and then a year later they get “1” of those children back should they have reported this change of occupants in the home with Section 8 housing department?
These changes had the occupant being the only person living in a three bedroom low income apartment and they had other adults living in their apartment.   They were also incarcerated during this time and had somebody else paying the rent so that the \\\”Payer\\\” was unaware of the said circumstances. 
At the present time, said person is still in a three bedroom apartment with only 1 child living in the home.  
I feel as if this is fraudulent on said persons part and this issue should be addressed.  I will be happy to provide you with their name and location of where they live if you choose to investigate this person.
Thank you very much.

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