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Robin asked 2 years ago

My husband and son – who is Autistic, ADHD, ODD, and has Intermittent explosive disorder. We currently live in a tiny 2 bedroom unit that is barely 600 sq ft with a Section 8 voucher. I\’ve been contemplating whether or not to expand my family. From what I read, if I have a 2nd, I would have to wait until that child is 2-4 yrs old to qualify for a 3 bedroom voucher. I would have to place that child in my son\’s room(which barely has enough for a crib) because our room is waaaay out of the question, it hardly fits our mattress. My son is considered disabled by the state, and placing a sibling in his room would put that baby\’s safety at risk because my son is very active, reckless, and gets angry at his video games and online peers quite often. Since my child has all these disabilities and we live in a \”tin can\” would an exception be made for us to qualify for a 3 bedroom? 

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