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Jessica Delaney asked 2 years ago

I am living in a shelter im a single mother with an 8yr old daughter i have been on & off section 8 waiting list since 2009 cause I’ve been in a 20 yr domestic violence relation ship & i keep getting thrown off the waiting list so many times cause my kids father kept throwing my mail away im so tired of being abused all my life i feel like I’ve been put on this earth to be beaten all my life since i was born i try to get on my own & i always have to go back to my abuser so please find it in ur heart to help get some housing im very responsible i love to work i just want a chance that i never got please im loosing hope im tired of being beat down physically& emotionally i never had my own home please help me im begging u find it in ur heart to help me & my 8 yr old daughter please i will be forever grateful😭😪😥😇

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