Ask QuestionsCategory: I have Section 8Do Section 8 count a minor's income towards rent ??
Sylvia J asked 2 years ago

Hello, I hope you or someone can or will answer this question for me. my 17 year old son has been doing IHSS for me as I am disabled, he has been doing this work for 1 year. my question is do Section 8 count a minor’s income ?? and since he will be turning 18 years here in June, can I put him as my Live in provider where his income don’t count becuz I ‘am afraid his income will put us over the income level ?????I really need some opinions or help here…I live in  L.A. California Thank You

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nina answered 2 years ago

Yes! Everytime he gets or quits a job, he has to fill out a change in income verification form within 10 days. 10 days when he gets the job and quits it. The employer/manager has to sign off on the paper then you submit it to your social worker. 

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