Ask QuestionsCategory: I have Section 8Can I use my 3 bedroom Voucher on a 2 bedroom unit
Christina F Suggs asked 1 year ago

Hello I have a 3 bedroom Voucher and I applied for a 2 bedroom and my voucher covered my utilities to but I was told I was not approved for the place because my rental specialist had to use a 2 bedroom Voucher amount because that\\\’s what I applied for even though my voucher is for a 3 bedroom unit I thought as long as Im in the price range that I can get a smaller or bigger unit as long as it was within my 3 bedroom Voucher amount.I need help understanding how it works.

Victor Frosh replied 1 year ago

Unfortunately, Section 8 determines your voucher amount based on the number of bedrooms you are renting. Not the number you are approved for. So if you are approved for a 3 bedroom. But rent a 2 bedroom. Your voucher amount is reduced to the 2 bedroom amount.

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