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Pensacola, Florida Accepting New Section 8 Applicants

The City of Pensacola, Florida is taking 2000 applications for the Section 8 Rental Assistance Program Waiting List.

You have to apply over the phone. They will be taken 25 applications on every 2nd Wednesday of each month. The number to call is (850-858-0340) beginning at 7 am.

Elderly (AGE 62 OR OLDER) and Disabled (must provide documentation of his/her disability) applicants have to call on the 2nd Thursday of the month to (850) 858-0350, beginning at 7 am.

Be advised, only ONE application per call will be accepted. Once applicant’s information has been taken, a preliminary application to complete will be mailed for determining eligibility for placement on the Section 8 Waiting List.