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New York! Wondering who gets preference on the section 8 waiting list? Find out!

In New York city, the total number of applicants vying for section 8 vouchers has exceeded the TOTAL amount of section 8 properties for the first time in history. There are 227,000 people on the waiting list in New York with only 178,900 total properties available. And almost all of those are already occupied!

On average, approximately 5000-6000 properties become available each year. So assuming that no one else signs up to be on the waiting list (which of course is impossible) it would take over 37 years for everyone on the list to get a voucher.

Have you ever wondered HOW they choose the lucky few to get a voucher each year? It’s not a first-come first-serve system. It’s not based on income either.

Basically, officials can choose who they want when they want and most of the time choose people who fit their political agenda. Domestic violence victims are often given preference. Another group given priority is working families – because they can afford to pay more out of pocket, and it also helps to diversify the program so it’s not simply unemployed people.

The groups I just mentioned can sometimes get a voucher in a little as 3 months while others can wait years and years.

So if you’ve ever wondered how the lucky few are chosen, now you know. Remember, even if you’ve applied a while ago but you had a life circumstance change (i.e. had a baby, gained employment, domestic abuse victim), you can update your application which MAY bump you up higher on the list.


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