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Make sure to report your income correctly…or else!

Make sure you fill out your annual income worksheets fully and correctly.  While you may think not reporting certain income may increase your chances of keeping or raising your assistance level, it will catch up with you in the end. You will lose your voucher (for life!) and could even go to prison.

Take the recent case of Millicent Hazel, 48, from Pennsylvania. For years, she had not reported child support payments she’d been receiving as part of her income (even though child support payments are a specific line item on the sheet). Yesterday, she was charged with a felony of theft by deception. She is currently in jail awaiting bail and faces heavy jail time. She will also lose her voucher for life if convicted.

So remember to be diligent when filling out your paperwork for Section 8, whether it be your initial application or annual income worksheets. You don’t want to wind up in prison!


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