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Introduction to New York, NY section 8 housing

Section 8 Housing In New York City

Section 8 is commonly referred to as the Housing Choice Voucher Program and it offers funding to assist low income families find safe and affordable homes.

Under section 8 a family has the ability to choose a neighbourhood to reside in provided they can find a landlord who participates in the program.

New York City will provide a family with a section 8 applications and vouchers in various circumstances, but those under threat of violence will have their application process sped up.

When applying for section 8 housing in New York there is a vast network of information available on the internet to assist you, and it can all be found on the official “Section 8 Assistance” website for NYC here;

In New York window guards are required on all residential properties by law, meaning when you fill out a section 8 application you are guaranteed a home providing them. They are a vital aspect of safety for all home, but none more so than those under threat of violence.

When filling out a section 8 application you will need to provide proof of your household’s total yearly income, including pay stubs.

If you are unable to provide the required documentation proving your annual income you will be unable to receive any assistance – however it should be noted that everyone involved with the section 8 program understand its great important to families in their time of need and will assist you if you request it; including helping you to provide proof of income.

If you are terminated from the section 8 program in New York there is a system in place allowing you to have your eligibility restored provided you had income sufficient enough to move off the program but lost it within one year of your termination.

All participants in the section 8 program can add members to their household provided they follow the proper channels. A written request must be submitted unless the person is a the legal child of the section 8 holder, or they are the legal guardian. The NYCHA reserves the right to make judgement on these matters, and breaking the rules can have dire consequences, including your termination from the program.

If your section 8 application is accepted in New York City you are able to relocate to a different city under a scheme known as “Portability”. This allows you to move to any state or country that is currently participating in the section 8 program provided you are in good standing with the NYCHA and it has previously been determined you are eligible to be granted a portability transfer voucher.

However, if you are a member of the section 8 program and find yourself in an emergency situation involving child abuse, serious health issues or domestic violence you will be given emergency priority to receive a portability transfer voucher.

If the New York Section 8 Program website is unable to help you, or you are located in another state, your first point of contact should be via the official national website, which can be found here;



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