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How does Section 8 notify the public when the application waiting list opens?

Hud advises each Section 8 housing authority to notify its constituents of an in the following manner:

• Submit press release to local newspapers, including minority newspapers.
• Write and submit a human-interest story with photographs to a local newspaper.
• Distribute flyers or applications through schools, community agencies, welfare
offices, employers, union offices, neighborhood groups, hospitals, commercial
establishments (supermarkets, discount stores, laundromats), libraries, and
• Print mail-in applications in local newspapers, including minority papers.
• Request community service announcements through local television and radio.
• Purchase advertising on subways and buses.
• Purchase advertising in local newspapers, including minority papers.
• Ask supportive service organizations to participate in the outreach effort.
• Solicit referrals from agencies working with families least likely to apply”

I don’t know about you, but I have not seen any of such advertising. Soon, by becoming a member you’ll be notified of such openings by email as I research them further.


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