On-going Forms To Remember for Section 8

With upwards of 5 million people receiving Section 8 assistance and with many more on the waiting list, Section 8 has become an enormous program that has a massive amount of complexity to it. There are a lot of forms that you should have in order to navigate your way through the program. This is a list of the forms that you’ll need to keep yourself in the Section 8 program.

Section 8 Voucher

The first form to hold onto is the voucher itself. This is the keystone document of the whole program and the document itself enables you and your family to receive the benefits that come with Section 8.It is also important to remember to present the landlord with the Section 8 voucher and to tell the landlord the requirements that he or she is required to meet. Section 8 vouchers are often only presented only after a compulsory lecture so notes should be taken at this event as well. You should know which area your particular Section 8 voucher applies to.

Request for Tenancy Approval

Another important form to have is the Request for Tenancy Approval. This is the form that you fill out before your voucher expires. This can extend your voucher period but if you don’t fill it out and file it properly then you face the potential of having your Section 8 voucher cancelled and given to someone else. You’ll then be expected to reapply to the entire Section 8 program from the very start again.

Lead Paint Disclosure

Once the landlord has completed the RFTA form then they’ll also have to complete the Lead Paint Disclosure form which ensures that the property doesn’t have an unsafe amount of lead paint. Buildings completed before 1978 might be at risk of being in contravention of this standard so make sure that the building that you’re renting is in compliance with the safety provisions of Section 8.

Housing Contract

Your landlord will be sent a contract to sign between the local Housing Authority and themselves. It would be good business practice for them to keep a copy of this contract for future reference. Of course, a copy of the lease agreement is always an essential document to keep and this too should be filed and kept in a safe place.

The Statement of Family Obligations

They’ll often be an agreement for the family or individual applicant to sign that is presented by the local housing authority. In Portland, Oregon the agreement is called The Statement of Family Obligations and it is a document which should be studied carefully, signed and then filed properly. A statement is an agreement which should be regarded as a legal document even though it is called a statement. All such documents should be taken seriously and handled with care.

Eviction Notices

If in the event you are evicted you must provide the local Housing Authority a copy of your eviction notice. It is possible to lose your voucher if you’re evicted and it will make it hard to find suitable accommodation in your area. By reading the agreements and adhering to the rules then this scenario can be avoided.

Keeping all relevant documents together in a waterproof folder is a smart idea. Keeping photocopies with your legal representative might be a good idea as well. As usual, research and care go a very long way to help you avoid unwanted trouble.

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