Getting desperate for a Section 8 voucher? Don’t get scammed

With so many people on Section 8 waiting lists around the country, and so many more who can’t even get on the waiting lists, there has been a big increase in the amount of Section 8 scams being perpetrated.

In Glendale, for example, an Armenian woman was arrested last week for allegedly trying to scam elderly people out of their life savings. She claimed to be able to obtain vouchers for people (for a price of course) and even went so far as to complete fake inspections of their homes so they would “qualify.” She faces four felony counts of grand larceny and could receive up to 15 years in jail.

This is just one example of the growing trend of scamming section 8 beneficiaries (or those wanting to become beneficiaries). Make sure you receive and verify any paperwork you receive prior to giving money to ANYONE. You can always call your local HA to verify before sending in any checks. And remember this is nobody who can speed up the process of you obtaining a voucher through the normal channels, not even the official section 8 employees.

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