For the first time ever, Section 8 vouchers may be revoked due to lack of funds

We’ve been hearing the warnings for a while. Government funding cuts. Sequester cuts. Economic turmoil.

We’ve seen the cuts affect the customer service and application management in some counties. We’ve been through the long waits for the waiting lists to open up again.

Now comes this: Current voucher holders having their benefits taken away.

I should note that they haven’t enacted the plan just yet, but the Chattanooga Housing Authority, in Tennessee, is getting close. They are faced with the deepest cuts to their funding in 38 years next month. They may not have enough funds to keep all 3,500 voucher holders in the system.

They have adopted a “first in, first out” system. That means that the OLDEST voucher holders (not by age, but by length of time with an active voucher) will be dropped from the system. The rationale is that those people that have been in the system the longest have had the most opportunity to position themselves better monetarily. I can’t say that I disagree with that.

Voucher holders taken out of the program will be placed back in the waiting list and will have priority over all others when (if) more vouchers are approved.


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