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Where can I find a Section 8 housing list?

For rent sign for section 8 housingI need to find a landlord that accepts section 8 vouchers – where do I look?

This is a question I get asked repeatedly on this site. Where is the best place to find a listing of available Section 8 housing?

Where’s the best place to find Section 8 Apartments for rent?

The quick answer is there is no easy way to get a COMPLETE listing of available housing in your area.

The best overall place I’ve found to have the most listings is It is a very user-friendly site. You just put in your zip code and it pulls up a listing of available housing and filters out which ones will accept Section 8 vouchers. but this site also has limitations as not everything is up to date.

Another option is to call up your local HA (housing authority) and ask. A lot of times they have their listings on the webs or can e-mail or even fax you a listing of current availabilities for free. You can find your local HA by going here

You can also go the HUD website in your state. They may have different listings from the HA.

Remember generally you have about 90 days from issuance of your voucher to get a lease. However generally the housing authority may work with you to extend it in 60 day increments.





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