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Don’t let the police harrass you! You have rights!

Do you ever get the feeling that the police treat you differently because your housing is subsidized? Well, folks in L.A. county sure did. And after a 2 year investigation, the federal government agreed with them.

The housing authority inspectors and members of the police force would hold random checks into the houses (often in full SWAT armor!) without ever informing the residents of their rights. These actions were simply because of the section 8 status and the color of the occupants skin. The U.S. department of justice just ordered those counties to pay $12.5 million dollars to the victims of their harassment.

Remember, you don’t have to allow the police or housing inspectors to harass you! Contact your local authorities or consult with a lawyer if your feel your rights have been violated. Everyone deserves to live in peace and harmony without fear of intimidation.


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