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Applying For Section 8 While on Medicare

Being on Medicare is challenging enough at the best of times. Being on 2 different government welfare programs at the same time will just add to the dilemma. Here is some advice to apply for Section 8 while on Medicare that could be of assistance to you.

Does Section 8 Count Medicare?

Section 8 is a government program designed to assist those who  need rent assistance and is issued in the form of vouchers. Several factors can affect your chances of receiving Section 8 assistance. These are income, assets and lump-sum awards. Medicare by itself is not one of these factors.

Medical Expenses

There are a number of deductions that you might qualify that might apply to you if you are on Medicare which assumes that you have a medical condition and are under financial pressure. If you do pay medical expenses under the Medicare Prescription Drug Program or pay as a co-payment to a medical provider then it will be deductible under Section 8, provided that you count the cost of the drugs without the recorded program benefits as the recorded amount of expenses and not your own expenses that you have paid for. Other provisions include buying drug prescriptions and non-prescription drugs which your doctor recommended that you purchase. Expenses such as glasses, dental procedures, hearing aids and specialised shoes are all deductible as well.

Medical Transportation

Transportation to medical facilities if it is correctly recorded and presented fits into this category as well. If you require medical assistance in your home either part-time or full-time then this too can be claimed as an expense. Paying for devices which are necessary for you to be able to function such as wheelchairs, mobility scooters, reading gadgets for people who are visually impaired, modified equipment for your vehicle such as a wheelchair ramp and even expenses for  assistance animals are all deductible. Monthly payments on accumulated medical bills can also be claimed as a deduction.

How Do You Qualify for Section 8 With Medicare?

This is aimed at elderly and disabled families. A family is considered elderly for the purposes of the Section 8 deduction if a person who is a spouse, a sole member or is the head of the household is over 62 years of age. A similar categorisation is recognized if any family member if any family member who is a person with disabilities is also a spouse, a sole member or is the head of the family. It is important to note that the deduction is limited to 3% of the family’s gross non-excluded income.

What is needed is proper record keeping and attention to detail. Create both a physical file and an online file where all these records can be accessed easily. It’ll save a lot of confusion and angst and make your life a lot easier if you do so. All this fits into the category of gross non excluded income in your deduction amount when calculating the amount of rent and utilities.

Section 8 is here to help you but  please beware of the pros and cons that are involved with this government program. This should be considered as a brief introduction because the topic is long and complex and requires your own research. But first principles still stand. Record everything and file it. Learn all about it and don’t be afraid to ask questions if you’re unsure about the answer.


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