Another reason why Low Income housing is hard to find…

The Baltimore cit council was recently brought a new low income housing project to approve. Normally, a developer would just have to abide by Federal guidelines (which this particular developer has) and getting approved by the State is usually a done deal.

Not in Baltimore, apparently. Councilwoman Cathy Bevins has sponsored a resolution to oppose the proposal. If her resolution passes, which is expected, it would be the first time a county has used a resolution to block state financing for an affordable-housing project.

And people wonder why it’s so hard to find affordable housing for low income earners?

Ms. Bevins reasoning for opposing the project is because the area is already “mostly poor.” and because the residents would not have easy access to public transportation. Oh really? So what do the “mostly poor” residents who already live there do? How do they get around? And why don’t you let the market dictate whether the project will be successful or not?

Ridiculous proposals like this one (by a Democrat, no less) is just the latest in a series of spectacular failures by our government to help secure low cost housing for our citizens.

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