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Section 8 Application / Wait List Emergency Tip

Speaking to a tenant of mine, I just found out a tip on how to get on to the top of the Section 8 waiting list almost immediately. I’d like to share it with you.


The tenant told me she was able to bypass the waiting list by living in a Shelter and then applying. Apparently those in Shelters are considered a higher priority. However you need to make the effort to get to a case worker and let them know about the situation. Almost all shelters will provide you with a letter of need that you can take to section 8. If its a long wait list or the wait list is closed make your case known. This is especially helpful in smaller towns where the wait list is not as huge.

This is obviously not for the faint of heart, but sometimes the financial burden of paying rent is just too much to bare. The tenant is actually happy she did it. She is in a much better situation now and can choose any house or apartment of her liking.

I’d like to know your feedback on this.

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Written by Jason Strick

A landlord and Section 8 housing and application expert.


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  1. Is there anyway I can find out about this shelter. I would not mind at all staying in one if it will HELP me out i’m a single mother with a little girl and one on the way. So Mr. Jason Strick PLEASE PLEASE give me some info. this. P.S. Thank You

    • Dear Vanessa,

      You can go to any shelter that is in the same city as the section 8 program you are applying to.


      Jason Strick

  2. I applied for section 8 in NY back in 1995. At the time I didn’t have an urgent need for it because I had no children, just turned 18, was already in my 2nd year of college, and I had been living at school. I just applied because I’d heard how hard it was to get and figured “hey, you never know, this just may come in handy” – boy, was I right.

    In 1996 I became pregnant (while still living at school). I had no intention of moving back in with my parents, big belly in tow or marrying my child’s father (who still lived w/ mom) just because he’d gotten pregnant – that definitely was not an option! But I could not afford NYC rents. This was a pretty stressful time for me one day I was the typical young college student whose biggest worries were keeping my GPA up, getting to class on time and what I was going to wear to the club on Friday night; and the next day I was a mom trying to make sure I had a stable home for my child before she was born.

    My cousin, who had a 6yo son and lived with her parents, told me about the whole shelter/section 8 deal she had wanted to do it for a while, but didn’t want to go in alone so she suggested that we go in together – strength in numbers.

    I’ll try to paint as clear a picture of my experience with the EAU and the shelter system as I can for anyone who is considering this route, bear in mind this was over 10 years ago and I tend to try to block bad memories out. Not that the entire experience was bad, I did have some good experiences during that time, but being in the shelter system, 19, single and pregnant was just a bad situation to be in.
    Also, remember everyone’s experience is different, there is an infinite list of variables that can affect your experience; the city/state you live in, family composition (married, single, children, pregnant), whether or not you already have an application on file…

    In NYC you have to go to the EAU (Emergency Assistance Unit) in the Bronx to be processed and sent to a shelter. It took us two attempts to actually go through with it.
    The first time we went down we saw people stretched out in chairs and on the floor with their kids looking like they had been waiting forever trying in vain to get some sleep. There were some people so frustrated by the long wait and lack of service they were yelling and cursing. We decided it was too crazy a scene, especially having her son with us, so we left not intending to go back figuring there had to be a better way.

    The next day thinking of what we had to gain by going back we talked ourselves back into the idea, but this time we left the baby at home with his grandmother, I highly suggest this for anyone with kids if you have that option.

    The second time we went it wasn’t as crazy. Yes, there were still a lot of people there waiting and waiting and waiting, but it much calmer. It was April 8th 1996, you will always remember the date you went in not only because it was the day you went into the shelter system, but also because you’ll have to wait 42 days from the date you entered before you can apply for emergency section 8. I was lucky because I had already applied for regular section 8.

    Upon arriving we checked in and waited…hours. Finally I was called for intake. Btw, bring whatever identification you have with you. I had to complete an application, explain my situation (why was I there?) and because I told them I was pregnant I had to take a pregnancy test. They also wanted to confirm that I really have no place else to go, so they asked for the name, number and address of a family member in the area. Then I had to wait for them to get around to making the call. I gave them my sister’s info … called my sister and told her to expect their call…and I waited.
    Again they called my name, “We were able to reach your sister, but she refused to take you in.” They also informed me that I was, in fact, pregnant (just in case I couldn’t tell by the 4 month old fetus I had fluttering around my womb).

    I later called my sister back to find out what she’d told them and let her know what stage of the waiting game I had reached. My sister played her part well she told them “H*LL NO, SHE CAN’T STAY HERE!” and “Don’t call my house again!” (my sister is very dramatic, that helped)…I continued to wait.
    I spent just over 24 hours at the EAU which, at the time, was illegal (don’t know the laws now). My time was spent shifting from chair to chair to the floor to another chair and praying for them to hurry up to call my name and get me out of there.

    Finally, I was called again; they were ready to place me. Unfortunately, my cousin still had some waiting to do; they moved her about an hour later. While I was sent to a tier I pregnant woman’s shelter in New York’s, then drug infested, Alphabet City my cousin was sent to the reputed violent and filthy Auburn assessment center in Brooklyn…to wait.

    A “tier I” shelter is basically a transitional shelter meant for short-term stays until space in a long-term “tier II” shelter is found. I stay in a tier I for 4 of the 6 months I spent in the shelter.

    My arrival at the tier I was pretty much the same as everyone who came before and everyone who came after; under the cover of night, hungry and tired as hell. When I arrived the staff gave me a briefing on the rules of the facility, a bag lunch, toiletries, sheets and a blanket. They escorted me to my room, which was a cubicle in a room with about 7 other cubicles in the main area of the room was a sofa two chairs and a television. Each cubicle had a twin size bed, a nightstand, a chair and a wardrobe. There were 2 rooms on each floor between the rooms was the shared bathroom (3 toilets, 3 sinks, a bath tub and 3 shower stalls). I thank God that the place was kept pretty clean.
    I entered my assigned room under the watchful eyes of the other women peeking out of their cubicles to size me up.

    My time in the maternity shelter went by slow; I continued to go to school in hopes that it would help speed things along as well as keep me focused. Most of us also spent our time preparing for our babies and planning for the future, praying that we would be out of the system and into our own homes before our babies were born, or at least be placed in a tier II shelter. We called and called and called section 8 to check the status of our applications.

    I befriended some of the other women, whom I sometimes affectionately refer to as “shelter buddies” on the rare occasion that I speak of my time in the shelter. It was easy to form bonds there, we were all pregnant and whatever our reasons we were all there together trying to find a way. The women who bonded looked out for each other and we waited together.

    In August I was informed that there was a spot available for me in a tier II family shelter in Brooklyn. I needed to go in for an interview. The shelter made it a point to screen all of their potential clients not only to make sure that they would not be trouble but to make sure that they had goals and were prepared to take action to reach them. They had staff in place to assist in locating jobs, housing, childcare and school.

    The tier II was a 4 story brownstone with about 6 spacious apartments. It was pleasant and homey and both the staff and the residents were friendly. I was assigned the master suite in a 3 bedroom apartment which I shared with two other women; one of whom, to my great surprise, was an old schoolmate, whom I hadn’t seen since grade school. My other roommate and I became very close friends, ended up moving into the same apartment building and now more than 12 years later she is still one of my dearest friends.

    A day after finding out about my transfer I found out my Section 8 had finally been approved. I can’t tell you how grateful I was to find out that I wouldn’t be bringing my new baby, who was due in October, home to a shelter. August was spent searching for a suitable apartment. I signed my lease a day before giving birth to my baby.

    My cousin didn’t get out until several months later. While I spent only six months in the system she spent a year. I believe my time was so much shorter because 1) I was already on the waiting list before I went in and 2) I was pregnant.

    When you apply to “wait” via the shelter system you apply for both public housing (the projects) and section 8 at the same time and you have the option to accept or decline whichever agency makes the first offer, but if you accept one you are no longer qualified for the other and consequently removed from the list. Public Housing approved my cousin before section 8 did and because her time in the shelter had been so long and trying she accepted public housing. Being move around from one bad shelter to the other (by this point with her son in tow) she couldn’t bear having to wait any longer.

    After all that, would we do it again? My cousin says she would have held out for her voucher instead of accepting the projects. Either way we’d do it again. Not only did the whole experience make us stronger and more resilient, but it gave us a leg up when we needed it most. Two years ago I left NY and purchased my first home and my cousin is preparing to make her move from the city by the Fall of this year.

    • Dear Shannon,

      Thanks for sharing your story and validating this tip. Obviously it took you some time to get through but ultimately it worked. I believe your 6 month wait was due to the fact that you live in an extremely competitive and populace city like New York, any place else would probably move along quicker. It’s all relative to where you live, but this works.

  3. how can i apply for section 8 online with out paying with a credit card, and getting billed and pay money order. i have 4 kids im 29 and im in need of a bigger and comfortable homw for my children i live in the projects for 8 years and i have a 2 bedroom. ive been waiting for section 8 for the longest. and its hard for me to go to a shelter with my children. please help me, one of my children have autism, my other child has heart problems and i do not have a car or a credit card. its hard for me when i have to catch the bus with all 4 of them. i need help.

    • As I’ve stated before there is no such thing as submitting an application over the internet. Many housing authorities do have forms you can print but you need to mail it in. Follow the procedures for the housing authority that handles Section 8 in your city and follow the instructions I provide in this article about the Section 8 application.

  4. The Contra Costa County Authority open the waiting list for it’s section 8 housing assistance program(Nov 03 to Nov. 07- 8:a.m to 4:59p.m.)
    I apply on line on first date(Nov. 03) and 1 month later received a letter confirming that I was one of the 6,000 applicants and was also giving me a number on the waiting list. About how much longer will I have to wait now for my number to be called??? My number is 270 and I need a place to stay, so my children (16yrs. son and my daughter (14yrs) can reunit again. We have split up since we moved out our 1 bedroom apartment unit. Can’t afford a bigger place for us. I’m praying to God to make the process faster so we can have a place of our own, and live on our own with out having to some one else move in and help with rent to have a bigger place, but it’s to much problems on the long run, we been therre , done all that!!! and it’s very stressful when your roommate just moves out without letting you know about the move. All the rent and all the bills need to be payed . Soon rent is past due and no matter how much you try to keep that home, reality is , BEING HOMELESS!! i JUST WANT A HOME FOR US, DON’T MATTER IF IS TOO SMALL, what really counts for us is to be together again. My daughter moved to Texas with my Baby-sister and will come back as soon as I get a place of my own. My son left to Job Corps., but will want to come visit every weekend, if I had a home . It’s very sad and I want at least have a home where my children can call , HOME. Any info, Please update me A.S.A.P

  5. thank you for time,
    and yes i would go to a shelter in order to get section8
    cause right now we are in crises and its very dificult to raise 3 kids with no chanses of getting a good job.

  6. I already live in a shelter and I am having no luck with section 8 I don’t understand why. I have 3 children and live in a D.V. shelter no one is willing to help me.

  7. hi my name is linda huizar i resently came down with cancer i have 1 son who pretty much has been helping me and sacrifising so much i have not been able to work and for help been moving from place to place i am so tired and i am an adult we keep losing so much every time we have to move. i really cant afford any thing now this is my only and last place to go i lmoved out here about a mo ago from la ca. i had no choice but to apply for welfare we live in a garage
    and try to make the best we can ..we tolerate so much to say the least, cause this is it.. i really need section 8 asap please if we can get some help some way a place of our own for once please call me at 209 464-2406 i really would love you to call i sometimes feel so depresed and cry a lot you can not even imagine all i tolerate to have a roof over my sons head.
    thank you linda huizar i seriously dont know what i would do to have 1 place of our own called home…… thank you linda huizar waiting for a responce

  8. My partner and I are on disability and can’t work.
    We both have Mass health and Medicare.
    The house we live in is being forclosed on and we have no family.
    Is there any Gov. group to help us find a apt.
    We do receive a total of 2200.00 a month to cover everything.
    Please explain what we can do

  9. This site is very helpful and informational. i had read on a previous page that you (Jason) are willing to send emails detailing when waiting lists for section 8 vouchers open. I was wondering where do i register my information in order to receive that particular email?

  10. This site is very helpful and informational. i had read on a previous page that you (Jason) are willing to send emails detailing when waiting lists for section 8 vouchers open. I was wondering where do i register my information in order to receive that particular email? ps I live in the Bay area CA

  11. Im a working single Mother of one and im homeless and i need assistanc in finding ahome for my child and i. I have 48 hours to find a house for my child or he wil be taken away form me and i need help fast. how do i get help. You can contact me @ (716)563-184 Before 2:30pm Thank You.

  12. ok i have applied for section 8 and guess what they gave me a room for me and my child im so mad cause the price they gave me is ridcoulous they only gave me 283 dolllars a month how annoying and im still looking for the apartment that gonna take section monthly help me please

  13. I have 5 kids.Ive been thinking about going to a shelter the bills are getting to much for me to handle and provide my kids, with cloths. I live in atlanta how long do you think it will take for them to give me section 8? Im already on the waiting list. But i dont want to be like the other lady and to wait 6 month.

  14. Hi, my name is Nicole and my house has been in foreclosure fore 2+ years and for the first time went up for auction on the 28th of May, and was sold for $100.00(yeah,like I wouldnt have been able to scrape that together to OWN this home,crazy isn’t it?)but we,myself and my boyfriend have a total of 6 children and have 4 living with us in this home we have resided in for almost 5 years. We are just waiting to find out what happens next,do they evict us?and if so,how long before we have to get out,then where do we go? We are DESPERATE for emergency housing,but seem to be turned down from evryone. Any suggestion? Or do I just “post up” till they make me leave? We are both unemployed at the time, my boyfriend works sidejobs with a friend that pays him next to nothing,no even enough to pay our household bills. Can someone PLEASE HELP US??

  15. By the way, I am in Hernando County Florida,but will move to Pinellas, Pasco,justa about anywhere that me and my family can have a roof over our head.

  16. my doctor filled out a form. so i can get emergency
    displacement section 8 voucher.I’m in sacramento area. I need to
    know how i go about the process. p.s. i have been homeless most of
    17 years.both husbands stripped me of everything.

  17. hi i am a single 34 yr old disabled mother of 2 children, my 6 year old has epilepsy ( seizures ) and my 4 year old has autism…my 6 year olds seizures are increasing and getting worse due to where i live, stress brings the seizures on..the last one she almost died she stopped breathing by the time we reached the hospital. doctor says i need to move but i dont have the money to move. i have been on the section 8 waiting list since feb. 2003 and they say they cant give me priority. i dont understand…if my child could possibly die due to my living conditions how is it i cant get any priority, also the fact that all 3 of us is disabled. is there anything i can do about this?

    • Not all housing authorities give priority but some do. Think about applying to a different housing authority that does prioritize disability. Call around.


  19. This article was very informative. In Louisiana this would be the route to take to get on the top of the list and get a voucher in about 3-4wks or less it really depends. The tenants that we do have about 3 of them have stated this what they did. I even had one young lady that applied in another county and received it then transferred it to here bc the wait was shorter. Which i must say she had a need for it having 3 kids @ 22 being single and trying to go to school. The article is really good information & it depends on your state.

  20. hi i just found out im prego and i have a son who is almost threee how close to my due date do you think i should goto a shelter so i can get my housing and a house with the proper amount of rooms for me and my kids?? i have a busy work scheduale and im in college,but i make noo money barely and 1000 a mnth

  21. I been the waiting list since 2005. Because I don’t live or work in the county I cant get help. I just found a job in the area what do I do?

  22. i been on the waiteing list in vermont a long time my kids hate it and alot of other things. hopeing it my section 8 come in then i get the call i have my section 8. i did everything they siad i do it all . for them to tell me i lost it as fast as i got it. i had 3 homes i was going to see my fam where all happy. kids happer then they been for a long time and i was also very happy.and now to feel like i got hit by a trurk and feel i have to live somewhere i don’t to be in but can’t do any thing about. they want to cute back but why it has to be the things we need to be cute. we don’t have much as it is. then you take more.
    where is it going to stop puttingt things on the poor. take from the rich

  23. How can I find out if my grown son and girlfriend have really applied for sec 8 housing. They have 4 kids under 7, moved in with us unannounced in Oct. 2010 They say they have applied, but their word is ah….not reliable. I need to know if there is an end in sight.

  24. I applied for the section 8 waiting list in 2008, and still havent got accepted i have a daughter who has a disability (millerdieker syndrome) that needs 24 hour care does anybody know if i can qualify for emergency section 8 because of her disability?


    • I’m guessing and hope you call Section 8 to get updates on your case regularly. Unfortunately due to low funds, sometimes they stop drafting numbers. There are other entities that might help you get back on track. Try calling your local City Service Hotline or The Salvation Army.

  26. All of the section 8 offices are almost impossible to contact. I have left countless messages at the office of the town where I am on the list. I have been on that list for about 7 years now. I recently was told my a social worker friend of mine that if you are ON the list you can pick an appartment and contact them to do their inspection. I wanted to hear from someone else if this is true so that I know if I should try it.

    • I hardly doubt that’s true. 1st you need moving papers in order to start looking for apartment. You won’t get moving papers since you don’t have a Tenant ID # or Voucher ID #. So… do the math! Also, you should check what their rules are for disclosing info of your status. For instance, for Oakland Housing Authority, you have to mail a form. For others Housing Authority you can check it in their website.

  27. i have been on the waiting list two years they said im almost on the top of the list but now, i lost my job got kicked out off apt_ with two kids one thats disable, so now we are homeless , i need help someone please help me get to the top of the waiting list, i have no family , all i got is my kids, ill lose them if i dont get help getten a home…

    • I believe your case is “good” enough to move you up. Don’t wait! Go to their offices and explain you situation.

  28. I live in St. Louis, MO which is hard as I dont know what to get on the section 8 waiting list. It opens up at the beginning of each year and you better not have anything to do that day because you will be at the housing authority all day applying for the waiting list. I am currently in a horrible situation where I am leaving my abusive husband. I have two children that are not by him and since I am a native of San Diego, CA, thats where I will be migrating to. I know this is a gamble but I am going to a domestic violence shelter and hoping I can get a voucher that way. I am currently registered in two counties because I lived there previously and since I am moving back I did not take my name off the list. One of the counties I have been on the waiting list for 3 years already and I am praying that when I move to CA the wait wont be too long but only God knows. I am just ready for a new start and anything is better than being abused. I am a veteran and I know that San Diego is a military town….hopefully things will turn out for the best but faith is the only thing I can count on. I also am not about to pay money to find out how to move up on a list. I think that if someone has advice they should give it from the kindness of their heart.

    • First of all, you cannot be all over the country! Once you get approved you will have to reside at that city/county for at least 1 year, THEN you’ll be able to transfer somewhere else. 2nd, YOU ARE on the waiting list, and you are having it rrreeaaally bad! Why don’t you call them up for an interview? They might put you in the emergency list and move you up! Good Luck!

  29. I live in a room with my 10 month daughter I applied for section 8 bcuz I am considered an emergency case/homeless less than 4 mons later I had an interview I was told I couldn’t get section 8 yet bcuz I wasn’t living in a shelter.. Broke my heart I work 30+ hrs but make $10 an hr. Does not over rent. My child’s father does what he cane but we r not together he takes care of his child. I know a lot of ppl that abuse it (government assistance) but ppl that need it can’t get it.. It really sucks.. I am now looking into a shelter n I hope everything works out n I get a quick response. Good luck to all those looking for the help

  30. I am a single mother of two boys, 14 and 2. I just recently got an eviction letter from my landlord about 2 weeks ago, and he told me that I either need to give him some money or I would have to move. I am not working, but I do go to school 2 days out of the week. My children are in school and in daycare, I do receive family assistance every month and food stamps. My goal is not to depend upon the system, but to provide a better life for me and my children, a life that I did not have growing up, that is the reason why I decided to go back to school. I do have family, but I don’t want to depend on them to help me, I want to be able to help myself and my children. I recently did an assestment so that me and my children can get into a shelter, but as of right now they are full and not taking anyone right now. I really just want to get out of this house before I come home one day from school and my belongs are put on the curb. I just need to know what I need to do, because I have no other options other than a shelter. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I need to do? I have heard of subsidized housing as well, but I don’t get enough each month to barely pay my utility, can someone please give me some advice, I am desperate.

    • If I were you I’d ask rent assistance from church, salvation army or any of the entities in your city to pay your Landlord. It’s only a one time thing but at least you honor your Landlord’s patience with some money while you figure out a way to pay your rent or move out. The last thing you need is an eviction in your record. Even if you don’t have the full amount give your Landlord what you have. You might call your local housing authority to find out if they’re taking apps. but it’s a long process even if their waiting list is open. You need to find another solution.

  31. I am a single mother and have had it hard, completely single with no other help than childcare. I am already on a list in the city where I lived before I made a stupid decision to get back with an ex and am now in a domestic violence shelter. Tell me how I get out of this place I don’t like to be baby sat by 20 yr olds that have no kids. I want to have an apartment and possibly go back to school, and of course take care of my son. Thank you in advance for replying.

    • Make sure to call Section 8 to keep them updated with your contact info to find you in the event they draft your application. Some Housing Authorities give priority to applicants in certain situations. You should call them and explain your situation. Maybe you can get something positive out of this situation. Otherwise call your City Hotline to get immediate assistance.

    • Hi
      I have section 8 and to tell you the truth its not easy to get any more..I was dv and I was a head of people..u get number after you applie I was number 1 and who eva was in the shealter were numba 2..goverment fund for section8 is very low right now so it a freeze but as soon as they reopen believe me u will b called in quick..hope the info I gave u helps u out and good luck

  32. hey jason u are such a great help but i have one question how come we have to pay for this info if ur trying help

  33. Iapplied for section 8 in Chicago and now reside in Texas. If I make my appointment in Chicago will they transfer my voucher to Texas. Im deaf.

    • According to the rules, you have to live for at least one year at the jurisdiction where you applied to.

    • You have to call them or chekc their website. Some HA have a website where you can check your position in the Section 8 waiting list

  34. If you don’t mind moving, there are lists in rural areas that are much quicker. I applied for Section 8 in northern Wisconsin online and have come up on the top of 5 of their waiting lists within 6 months. Unfortunately because my circumstances changed I can’t move right now so I had to turn the vouchers down.

    But if you aren’t working a real job and don’t have a support system where you are, moving your family to a new state might be something you should consider. Think of it as a fresh start. Get away from whatever drama put you where you are today, or just get started on a new life for you and your kids. Plus, after living in the place where you receive section 8 for a year, you can move anywhere.

  35. I see that there are a lot of people in need of housing, including myself. I have been on the waiting list since 2009 when our house burned, and had to go to a transitional home. At one time to waitlist was closed, but I was on the list by that time. Now I’m homeless again through being unemployed, and not having enough to cover my rent, my daughter and I had to move out. I talked with a homeless case worker, and they mentioned that I would have to live in a shelter for about 8 months inorder to be prioritized on the list. I think it is madning how this process works.

  36. unfortunately there are no shelters for men and this bypass is aqlmost soley available to wemen what a sexist country we live in and what disgraceful women who use this to jump in front of the line we have here.

  37. my husband and I both get disability he was able to start working a part time job but then got fired because they were having cutbacks and he had been there the least amount of time. we just got evicted from our two bedroom apartment with our five children we need help and immediate placement in a home we have no family in that live here in New Jersey. how do we go about getting help only want to apply for section 8 they told us the waiting list was 2 years.

  38. I have a section 8 voucher in Contra Costa County. I have not lived in my current home for a year yet. I fled the state last week due to domestic violence. I am in omaha nebraska. I know all the rules on porting out. Will I loose my section 8 or can they still transfer me even if I left my house based on an emergency?

  39. I am 28 with three kids, I’m wondering how long will it take for my section 8 number to get to the top.

  40. I need for the section 8 to call my number is there anyway section 8 program that will help you are low income program need help please.

  41. Im hoping you still check this …my husband and i were evicted and we must be out by towmarrow. We have two small babies one is 2yrs old and the lil one is 7mos right now my husband is the omly one working and im a full time mommy. We applied for section 8 a few months back around febuary but were told it was a 5-10yr wait. I am faced with staying with my mom and sister untill we find a new place but since my husband and her dont get along he is facing the streets :'( its really hard knowing he wont have a place to sleep and i dont want to leave him alone but my babies cant be in the street so this is what we have to do ….is there anyway to move up on the section 8 list we live in san diego ca …and yes i am aware i can get a job to help out with the rent i worked untill the day i had my first baby since she was induced on a sat and my last day was that fri.. But after i had her i became terrified of going back to work and putting her in child care…as a chlid i was abused by a family member and having my baby girl just brought all that fear back…my husband understands me and after we had our second baby never pressured me to go back to work instead he supportede being a stay at home mom. My fear is that my girls will go through the same thing!! If a family member did that to me what stops a stranger from hurting my babies?! They cant tell me if someone hurt them …so untill they both can speek clearly i plan to care for them myself, yes i am a little paranoid but unless you went through years of abuse its hard if not impossible to feel my fear and anxiety attacks of my girls going through the same thing…

  42. Hi I am a single mother 28 years old with 4 children with no vehicle and were residing with a friend and now shes moving to a new home on 03/05/15 and we have no where to go. I have TANF/SNAP only and volunteering hours at a Community Program center here on Oahu. I have been trying for years to get help from section 8 and for some reason i cant qualify how can i get help asap before. I applied back in 2008 and got nothing so i tried again in 2014 when it opened up for a lottery and still got an inactive. what else can i do to get help with section 8?

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    individuals that share the same interest. If you
    have any suggestions, please let me know. Thanks!

  44. I mean I applied in a line for 8 hours in the cold with my newborn in 2010 here it is 2015 why haven’t I heard nothing back I stay in Rockingham nc I don’t know what to do I have 4 kids I just want better for them

  45. Back in 2007 while pregnant with my first child I applied and have been on the waitlist since then I’ve had another child and have been goin from house to house for the past couple months is there anything I can do to try and speed up the process without having to stay at a shelter

    • You don’t have to stay at a homeless shelter in order for a homeless letter to be given. Go to the Salvation Army or whatever shelters are near you and tell them that you applied for section 8 and you are now homeless staying from couch to couch. They will provide you with a letter.

  46. I’ve been trying to put in the application for housing, but nothing is available here in Sacramento. It’s hard because me and my daughter have been here with my Mom and she wants me out because I can barely pay her my portion of the rent. The SHRA (Sacramento Housing Redevelopment Agency) were no help and just said “There might not be anything available.” I work and go to school, but the money just isn’t enough. I don’t want to go into a shelter. Is there any other way to get some assistance?

  47. Im a 29yr old single mom of 3, disabled and waiting for approval from my SSI application. I have been on my county’s section 8 waiting list since 7-2010, and Im #748 on the list. One year ago, I was number #981.

  48. Me and my daughter is living in a shelter and i am on the waiting list for section8 how long do i have.to.be in the shelter to get pushed up

  49. The PROBLEM is with sec 8 is that the government gives it to people that is in NEED, when reality they just apply so they don’t have to pay rent or get off there ass and work! My aunt and many others have been on sec 8 since the 90’s here it is 2015′ instead of the government cutting down foodstps they should have take people that’s 5-10+ years off the housing program this is really crazy, it’s been 10 years and you still haven’t saved enough money to buy your own house smh, that’s ridiculous!!!!!! Take those people off the list so other people that really needs it can apply.

  50. ‘m almost eight moths pregnant and I don’t have a place I need a place asap were can I go to get help

  51. I agree Brittany. If a person is on SECTION8 that long, they should be FORCED into the projects since they obviously haven’t done anything to contribute to their own life. This program should have limitations granted the few who derserve an exception like disabled. Other that, if you are living close to rent free…I don’t see how IF you are working full time WHY you in 5 or so years can’t afford if not to buy a house…to pay full rent WITHOUT any assistance. POS

    • Y’all fuxking act like children are not blessings noone ask to get pregnant it’s a blessing for someone to even get pregnant some people can’t god will find a way for the struggle fuck off , why have so much bad things to say cunt , !!! Kids are blessing you faggot I have two and pregnant with my third and I’m still in the shelter struggling myself bitxh you won’t know unless you go through the struggle most woman are weak and can’t handle it nigga please get a life I’m a single fucking mother , and still buss my asss nigga please . fuck OFF!!

  52. I passed on the section 8 to my daughter 13 years ago. And I am sixty five years old. And I cannot get section 8. Can I get section 8 back.

  53. I just now turned 18 and i have a 1 year old daughter i have done bouced from place to place with her her whole life. I am now living with my grandmother in a two bedroom house with my 3 lil cousins she has custody of my granny my aunt and my mom.. the house is not in good living condition at all eathier i have got to get out of here asap im workin on getting a job its just that im doing everything on my own and dont realy no how to go about getting my own place for us.. im signed up for housing but i no the waiting list is so long what should i do to get us our own apartment asap.

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