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Section 8 guidelines for unit size

How many bedrooms are you entitled to as a section 8 voucher holder?

It may not be as many as you think. Generally,
it’s two people per room. So if you have two daughters you could
have them live in the same bedroom , and have a bedroom for
yourself. But, let’s say you have a daughter and a son, they would
need separate bedrooms (especially as teens!). So you need a
bedroom for yourself and one for each child. You could even have
your old aunt betty as part of your household, who would then
require her own bedroom too, which would put you in a four bedroom
situation. Therefore section 8 will take these considerations into


Have section 8?

Housing authorities have gotten tougher…

However, section 8 housing authorities have gotten tougher over the years and are less likely to accommodate special circumstances. Read more about it here. 

It used to be the rule of thumb was as follows: Section 8 has the following standards to ensure these bases
will be covered. 0 bedrooms (studio) – 1 person 1 bedroom – 1 to 2
people 2 bedroom – 2 to 4 people 3 bedroom – 3 to 6 people 4
bedroom – 4 to 8 people 5 bedroom – 5 to 10 people 6 bedroom – 6 to
12 people.

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Written by Jason Strick

A landlord and Section 8 housing and application expert.


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  1. I am currently on section8 now with a 2br unit. The question i have to ask is,am I approved now for a 3br unit if i have a daughter with a son that in currently 9months old or what age does he have to be to get approve for a 3br unit?

    • At this time Section 8 probably won’t allow it. Once your baby is 2 to 3 years old and knows the difference between girls and boys.

  2. I currently have 2bdrm voucher, I have a ten year old daughter(will be 11 in August) and a 2 year old son(will be 3 in October), will I be able to get a 3bdrm voucher?

  3. I have section 8, I live in colorado, And I have had it for 3 years. I have a 4 year old boy and a 5 year old girl.And I only have a 2 bedroom voucher, I asked my case worker and she said it doesn’t matter the age or sex, 2 kids per bedroom period. Is this right or are the laws different for colorado?

    • I suppose once the children become older they may take the gender separation more into consideration.

  4. currently i have a 3 bedroom voucher and its me and my 15 year old daughter, and two daughters ages 8 and 4. my 18 year old daughter wants to move in with me with her 3 year old daughter will i be eligible for a five bedroom voucher?

  5. We need an emergency place to live. We are four members in our household. My husband is unemployed and is not receiving any funds. My is also unemployed and at this moment he is not getting any money. He has a 2 year old duoghter and we are having a hard time making ends meet. I am getting medi-medi, the amount is $847.00 DOLLARS but at this time I can’t do anyshores. I just have to stay in bed resting for a few months. Hope you can help us because I don’t know what to do. My phone # is 760-215-6903 or 760-215-8008. Thank you & GOD bless you always

    • i live in California approved for a 2 BR voucher based on the fact i require ongoing assistance for my disability and must provide a place for my attendant to sleep. however, i was unable to find a 2 BR in the limited time-frame area housing gives you to find your first place after you receive your voucher & had to move into a 1 bedroom and have my attendant sleep on my couch. it was explained he is not allowed to share 1 bedroom with me as an attendant since he is NOT a family member. it was explained during the orientation and later by my case worker that in the event I DO find a 2BR i can notify them and move there. This was in 2007– i have finally found a 2BR. will it be impossible to work with area housing to make sure i do still hold 2BR voucher? Is it required to notify me if they indeed had decided to downgrade me based on what i could find at the time i received my voucher?

    • As long as your circumstances have not changed (financially and your disability) your 2 bedroom voucher should still be active. Question – have you gone through a re-certification? You should have gone through several over the course of the past 6 years.

  6. I currently have a two bedroom voucher. It is myself, 10 year old daughter,8 year old son and 15 year old son. Every year during recertification I inquire why am I not eligible for a three bedroom? they reply that the rule is 2 to a room no ifs ands or buts!!!!

    • That’s the rule. Same sex members of household can share a room. You’d be able to change if you were married.

  7. i am on the waiting list for section 8, i have a 6year old daughter and a 1year old son will i be granted a 2bedroon voulcher or 3bedroom?

    • I’d wait till you actually get your interview. Between now and then you might have another kid or your baby girl might turn 10! According to their guidelines different sex kids can share a room until they’re 10. Your voucher will also vary depending on your marital status as well.


    • You have to call your case worker to schedule a meeting for a rent re-determination.

  9. In my household its myself,my husband,16yr old daughter,13yr old son,10yr old daughter,8yr old son,3yr old daughter,n 4month old son.Question is-will i stay in a 4 bedroom or receive a 5 bedroom voucher?

  10. Hi I currently have a 2bedroom voucher for myself, my 7year old daughter, and my one year old daughter. I am pregnate with another girl so should my voucher size go up to a 3 bedroom when i recertify my paper work and renew my voucher after the baby’s born?

  11. I currently have a 2bedroom voucher. I am 3months preg and live with my boyfriend, 5 yr old daughter, and 8 yr old son. Am I eligible for a 3bdroom voucher since my 2 kids are different sexes & 3 years apart? We live in Austin TX.

    • Yes you sure are. Eligible applicants are families or singles who have annual incomes of 50 percent or less of the surounding area median income or state non-metro median income. If you are in this income range you will be accepted. Also you can contact
      Homeowner’s HOPE Hotline at 1-888-995-4673 or visit Foreclosure Prevention. They will give you a walk through.

  12. I live in Missouri I have a 4 bedroom vocher my 14 year old moved with my aunt. I have a 12 year old and a 6 year old girls. I have a 5 & 8 year old boys. I just had a baby. Will I keep my 4 bedroom or will I have to move in to a three bedroom now?

  13. My question is i have a voucher for three bedroom i have a daughter 20 and a son 18 and a grandbaby 5 months old…we live in a three bedroom house… I have to move due to forclose on the house….now my worker said i have to move to a two bedroom …..is this true and since when????

  14. I have a 2 year old son, a brother who’s 25, and a sister who’s 19. Will I qualify for a 3 bedroom?!!
    I’m applying for housing/ section 8.

    • You and your son could qualify for a 2 bedroom. Your brother and sister will not qualify for section 8 under your name (unless they are disabled), however they may qualify on their own. It’s doubtful, though, because section 8 benefits are usually reserved for the elderly, families with children, or people with disabilities. In addition, if you only qualify for a 2 bedroom voucher, but you move your brother and sister in with you anyway, you risk losing your voucher for life.

  15. I have been waiting for a answer since september of 2012. (Been on the waiting list since then) About a month ago I received a blue letter that pretty much a update letter for them to see if anything has changed, I turned it in and am waiting for a response. I am not sure what I applied for, if it was for a rental or a one time voucher to my landlord. (I am lucky enough to have a very good landlord that is working with me) It is a motel/weekly. The website (Carson City, NV) says that letter means that you are close to being on the top of the list but when I call they say that the waiting list is 12-18 months. Do I get the actual section 8 or do I get a one time voucher? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks! Family of 2 in Carson City, NV.

    • The waiting list could very well be 12-18 months but if you are near the top of the list, it may be sooner. The letter you received is a good sign.

  16. I live in contra costa county, ca. I currently have a 2 bedroom voucher. in my home is myslef,7 year old son, 2 year old daughter and I recently gave birth to a baby boy. will I qualify for a 3 bedroom voucher?

  17. New York have a program that allow section 8 holders to buy a house. When is this program coming to Washington State.

    • It’s already available in Washington State. In fact, it’s a nationwide program now. Stay tuned to this site for an upcoming post on this topic.

  18. I currently have a 3 bedroom voucher..however my daughter is 12yrs my sons are 19yrs 15yrs and 16yrs..she is uncomfortable with sharing a room with her brother. .will I be allowed a 4 bedroom voucher?

  19. my husband and I just were accepted for ct section 8. in my home is my 7 month old daughter, my 19 month old foster son and my husband and I. dcf requires opposite sex children have separate rooms. will I qualify for a 3 room voucher?

  20. I have a 3 bedroom voucher..Its myself 3 teen boys and a teen girl..I contacted the section 8 housing department in virginia and was told that its 2per room no matter the sex or age.So my voucher will not change from a 3 bedroom to a 4 bedroom..Is the informaton this person is giving me correct?

    • Unlikely, although every jurisdiction is a little different. Normally it’s 2 per room, but boys and girls over the age of 10 can be separated.

  21. i have 2 sons. one is 5 years old and the other is 15 months. the father of my 15 month lives with us too, will we receive a 2 bedroom voucher since the kids are the same sex?

  22. I stay in fl I have a 10year old daughter a 5year old and a son he will iu g be two inmarch I have a two bedroom now but when I stay in my iunit for a year but in fed I have to say if im going to move or stay but will I be able to get a 3 bedroom fed

  23. I’m currently in a three bedroom and I’m up for renewal do I qualify for a four bedroom I have three boys ages 8,6,&1 and a daughter that’s 3?

    • No, you still will probably only be approved for a three bedroom voucher.

  24. I just transferred my section 8 to Austin,Texas I have a12 year old son and a 7 year old daughter and I’m currently pregnant. They told me I have to move in a two bedroom when my kids have always had their own room is that right or should I talk to someone.

  25. me and my husband are married with 2 daughters one is 18 and the other one is 10 we currently have a 2 bed voucher will we qualify for a 3 bed?

  26. i live in atlanta,ga. my mom receives her voucher next week and im on file to live with her. My question is will she receive a 1 or 2 bedroom voucher because i am over 18.

  27. I am pregnant, I already I have children and I was told I will be eligible for a 3 bedroom voucher. do I have to wait until the new baby is born to move or can I move before so that I can have everything set up before baby gets here??? PLEASE HELP!

    • You will only be approved for the 2 bedroom voucher. If the baby is the same sex as your current child, it will stay a 2 bedroom. If it’s the opposite sex, it will still stay a 2 bedroom for now but can change to a 3 bedroom when the baby gets older.

  28. I have a son 12 years,daughter 2 years,daughters 6 moth,and me .now I have 2 bedroom I qualify for 3 bedroom .

  29. I have section 8 and was given a voucher to move into a house. from project based ssectio 8 i am in 3 br there is me .husband and our 4 kids 3 boys 1 girl my question is we have to minor kids that live with other parent but stay and visit often and most summer there is no room for them can i get a 4 bedroom or what do i need to provide to accomidate our otter children

  30. Hello,
    I currently have a 2 bedroom voucher in Florida and it is myself, 3 daughters ages 1,3, and 9, and a newborn son 3 weeks old. When I recertify will I become eligible for a 3 bedroom voucher? Thank you again..

  31. Hello I have a section 8 two bedroom voucher. My daughter(7) her father and I were living together for 7 years but now that her father & I are separate would I have to move to a one bedroom apartment?

  32. hello my names matthew my sister and her husband got aprooved for a 2bed voucher with there 2 kids . . i was wondering since im in a guardianship process for my sister to get me ,when she gets guardianship is it possible she can get approoved fro 3bed voucher?

  33. I moved from a different state too Dekalb County Georgia 4 years ago with a 3 bedroom voucher, I have 3 kids two girls one boy ( 8 n 12 year old girls, 15 year old boy) I had too move because of a foreclosure a year ago. I was then informed that nolnger will be getting a 3 bedroom it doesn’t matter, let one of my kids sleep in the living room. I though t that was rude of her to say. I accepted the voucher because we needed a place too live but now I’m moving again do I qualify for my 3 bedrooms or do I have too stay in the two bedroom

  34. Have 5 kids, 12yr boy, 10yr girl, 8yr boy, 6yr girl, 4yr girl. Exactly how many bedrooms do I qualify for with my voucher? The agency said I should find a 4 or 5 bedroom, but there are none available in my community……what should I do?

    • You should be able to qualify for a 4 bedroom voucher, but not a 5 bedroom. If there’s nothing in your community you either have to settle for a smaller place or look for a 4 bedroom in a different community.

  35. I am currently on section 8. In my house it is my 12 yr old son , 8 yr old daughter , 8 yr old niece, 5 yr old niece , 2 yr old son , 2 yr old nephew and myself. I have the two 8 yr olds together, the 2 yr olds together, my 12 yr old alone and myself with my 5 yr old niece. I am only approved for a 4 bedroom. I don’t understand why I cannot be approved for a 5 bedroom. Due to the sex and age. Also I might be getting my 13 yr old nephew soon so will I still only be approved fir 4 bedroom

  36. Yes … From the courts and I also have custody if my 13 yr old nephew but he stays with my oldest niece . They have been in my custody for 18 minths now. I am wanting to move out if state and if / when I do he will mice with us as we’ll

    • You should be able to get approved for a 5 bedroom based on the information you provided here. Have you tried to get one and they denied it? What was the reason?

  37. I live in Kentucky, i won a lottery for section 8 and for some reason granted a three bedroom voucher. .The lanlord rented the property to another family after signing my paperwork ….i applied in another county in the same state..i’m wondering if the 3 bedroom voucher was based on the fact that my sons are 8 years apart and one is on disability. …and will i now qualify for a four bedroom since i now have a daughter

  38. I have a 4 bedroom voucher. I could not fibd a 4bedroom so i down. Sized an taken my son off so now its just ne n my 19yr 12yr an two 9yr old but one is disabled. Doi still kerp my 4bedrooms

  39. My boyfriend has section 8 in California, we want to get a place together, are we allowed to do that in California? What are the California rules about Cohabitation and section 8, I have searched all over the web and have found nothing. If they do put me on his one bedroom voucher will we be allowed to rent a two bedroom if we want to? Please advise as we are not sure about how this could work and his worker here in Los Angeles is impossible to get a hold of. Thank you.

    • No, you will not qualify for a 2 bedroom, since only he has a voucher. Furthermore, you are not legally allowed to live there with him unless you are married. Obviously, people do it but I’d be careful if I were you.

  40. I am in San Diego, California. I have a 2 bedroom voucher, two kids : daughter 12 and son 7 years old. I am 4 months pregnant also. When can I get a 3 bedroom? I am constantly telling my daughter to change in the bathroom, the same with my son. My daughter is developing into a young woman. I feel they need there own room. I have asked before about getting another room, and all i hear is that they can share a room together. I am in San Diego County Section 8. Please help. I am due in April of 2014.

  41. my daughter has a 15 yr old and a 7 yr old, and we live in the state of Ga., they reduce her housing voucher down to two bedrooms saying that the law no longer care about the difference in ages anymore. Her voucher amount used to be 958.00 for an three bedroom voucher, but now it’s only 684.00 for a two bedroom voucher. Is this legal according to what I’m reading? And if so when did this change actually take effect in the federal government? And is it just the state of Georgia, doing this? Are is it nationwide, that section 8 requires opposite sexes to share rooms no matter the ages are?

    • What are the sexes of the children? In any event, it doesn’t really make a difference as same sex siblings have to share a room until they are both over the age of 10.

  42. Mr. Nelson,

    can you please address my comment I left a few comments above. I would really like your advice. I posted on October 29, 2013. Thank you.

    • Sure. Sorry about that, I don’t think I noticed your comment before.

      Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do. Siblings can share a room (even if they are the same gender) until age 10.

  43. Hi! I had a 4beroom voucher for my son my who 21 now ny 4 differs ages 19.12 an teins 9 yrs old an my self 6 total. My question is! I had taken my son off Because he was to join the ARMY, so i down sized to a 3 bedroom with a 4 bedroom voucher then i had taken him off my voucher. So my question is. I just put in my 30days too move to a bigger place i was approved for a house 4 bedroom but section 8 contra costa county says im only approved for a 3 bedroom for my 4 girls an mysrlf. I asked is i could add my son back on because hr was not able too join the military untill he cleared his traffic tickets but they said no. But i was told that from another housing rep i could but its a process is this true ?

  44. Can you take a biological child off your voucher an add them back on if they turnrd 21 an have no income?

  45. Thank you. My daughter is 12 and my son is 7. and I am 5 months pregnant now. Should I contact my section 8 worker?

    • not unless there is a reason for you to be his guardian (i.e. disability, etc.)

  46. What about if two kids and one parent son is 15 and daughter is 13 will be 14 in dec. 2013 can the daughter have her own room? in a 3 bedroom house?

  47. I currently live in a 1 bedroom section 8 apartment in NYC with my almost 5 year old daughter. Is my daughter eligible for her own room at a certain age?

  48. i have a 10yr old an 6 yr old both girls, and a 5 month old boy thinking or relocation to tampa florida. i am looking at perspective homes and wondering if i should look up a 4 or a 3 bedroom. would it be more likely to look for a 3 or 4?

  49. I am 67 year old and applied to section almost 4 years ago.
    I have health problems and refuse to go to a shelter.
    The stories scare me. I’ve tried everything I could think of to get
    an apartment in a safe neighborhood, I resent the fact that some druggie or
    Welfare fraud will get a place before me. The elderly and disabled should get
    some priority. I am desperate and no one seems to care. My land lords want me out
    of my rented room NOW. They need my room for their expanding family. I am an
    good renter. I do not drink, smoke, do drugs, have parties or pets. I even asked a
    congressmen for help. I keep praying for help, but none comes. I am begging for help. A clean apartment in a safe neighborhood doesn’t seem like a lot to ask for. I have no where else to go, no one can take me in. Is there anyone in Pennsylvania who can help me ?????

    • In some counties, Senior citizens and disabled individuals receive priority on the Section 8 waiting list. I would go into your local HA office and see what they can do for you.

  50. I have a 4 year old daughter and just had a newborn boy November of 2013. My lease is up in April and I am currently on section 8..will I be able to get a 3 bedroom in April of 2014?

  51. I have a 4 year old daughter and just had a newborn boy November of 2013. My lease is up in April and I am currently on section 8..will I be able to get a 3 bedroom in April of 2014? If not how old will my sob need to be before he can have his own room?

  52. Hi. I live in california. I have a voucher for a two bedroom. It is myself(33 year old female) my son who is 11 and I just had a baby , she is two months old and a girl. Am i elgible for a three bedroom? Also can i add my daughters father to my case . We are not msrried. Would that make me elgible for a three bedroom? Thank you.

  53. Hello. I just got a notice to move before June 2014 from my landlord. I currently living in a 4 bedroom place with my teenage son (19), a daughter that is in college (20 turning 21 in March) and 6 year old daughter. I had 2 more daughters when I first got this place, but one has moved after college and another got married. I am currently looking for places in California and was wondering whether I should be looking for 3 or 4 bedrooms.


    • There is no listing for which counties do and which don’t, it varies. But most will let you switch them to a separate bedroom when the children are 10 or older.

  55. Can I have my husband, 18 year old son, 12 year old son, mother 69 and my father. How much rooms will i need to rent with section 8?

  56. Hello. I just got a notice to move before June 2014 from my landlord. I currently living in a 4 bedroom place with my teenage son (19), a daughter that is in college (20 turning 21 in March) and 6 year old daughter. I had 2 more daughters when I first got this place, but one has moved after college and another got married. I am currently looking for places in California and was wondering whether I should be looking for 3 or 4 bedrooms.

  57. I have a son and I am 5 months pregnant with a daughter would I get a three bedroom right now and plus im on bedrest so no income currently.
    -may from Pontiac mi-

  58. i have a 3 bed room voucher and im planning to move to florida i have 5 kids one whos 18 yr old boy, 17 yr old daughter ,14 year old daughter , 9 year old son and a 1 yr old daughter do i qualify for a 4 bedroom voucher out there?

  59. I have a 13 year old son w ADD. 7 year old son. 2 year old son. I am expecting a baby boy in a few months. My question it’s do wee continue to stay in a 3 br after the baby is born or should I call my worker to move to a 4br?

  60. I currently live in Nj i have a 2 bedroom voucher for me my 5 year old son and 3 year old daughter this coming June I’ll be adding a newborn baby girl that I’m pregnant with now and my 14 year old daughter will i qualify for a 3 or 4 bedroom since my eldest is a teenager

  61. I am feeling some kind of a way about the new status of portability. Can not find a city or state that is absorbing payments. Feeling stuck in Indiana, I am a senior citizen who has arthritis bad and this cold weather is causing plenty aches and pains, I need a warm climate but if it’s housing cost is more than Indiana I’m just stuck. This has become a system of stay, deal, or die. Need information

  62. I live in tennessee. I have a 14yr old boy,10yr old boy9ur old gorl and a 7,yr old boy hpw many bedrooms do I qualify for

  63. Hello, I have 2 adult sons , one 28 and one 22, including me that is 3 adults, am I eligible for 3 bedroom voucher in state of california ?

  64. Hello…. I have a question, I have a daughter who will be 6 and a son who will be 10 this year and I’m currently living in a two bedroom apartment in NY ,I want to know if I was to ask for a transfer ,will I be eligible for a three bedroom apartment considering I have two children of opposite sex??

  65. Hello im currently pregnant with a baby girl amd I’m in a two bedroom apartment in VA, will I have to move into a three bedroom? Already have two boys to a room. If I do need a three can I settle for a spacious two bedroom if unable to find a three in time before lease is up?

  66. hello, i would like to know what size bedroom do you think i would get with my voucher if Im 32 years old with a son whose 15 years old?

    • The size of the bedroom depends on the actual apartment you’re looking at. You would be eligible for a 2 bedroom.

  67. I have a son that’s 17 and a daughter thats 9 and a 4 month old daughter my lease up in June 2014 I’m in the state of Florida will I be able to get approve for a 3 bedroom

  68. I have 2 boys one 9 the other 18 i also have three girls 1,14 and 17 how many bedroom am i entitled to?

  69. i have a 10year old son and a 1year old daughter and a new born daughter would i be qualified for a three bedroom

  70. I live in long beach california and have had section 8 voucher for 2 years and this month they changed my unit size from 2 to 1 bdrm. My daughter 13 and myself are tenants and my husband and I were divorced in 2012, they say that two people only qualify for 1 bdrm, what can I do?

  71. I am living in NYC i have a section 8 voucher for a zero bed room but i have a 1 bed room but i will be having a daughter in 2 days and was wondering if i can get a 2 bed room voucher because she is gonna be living with me

  72. Hi, how many bedrooms will I qualify for at my upcoming meeting for me and my three boys 18 still in school, 11 and 3 my disabled god daughter 24 and I’m guardian of my newborn nephew? I am new and could I move to a different state now or have to wait a year? Thank you

  73. There is a 3 people in the home…..1 is disbled and gets a room to their self…then their is a 23 year old woman and a 8 year old boy who will be 9 in june……Do i qualify for a 3 bedroom or will they make the 23 yr old female and 8 yr old male sleep in the same room?

  74. Hi, how many bedrooms will I qualify for at my upcoming meeting for me and my three boys 18 still in school, 11 and 3 my disabled god daughter 24 and I’m guardian of my newborn nephew? I am new and could I move to a different state now or have to wait a year? Thank you 6 people total

  75. I am porting to osceola county fl. I have an 18 yr old son, 17 yr old daughter whos pregnant , 14 yr old daughter, 9 yr old son a 1 yr old daughter and myself how many bedrooms will i qualify for? Ty

  76. I hav sec.8 ,4 children. 2boys 17&20 and 2grls 12&9. My 20yr is 6’3 but sec 8 has me under a 3 bdrm voucher. Don’t I qualify for a 4bdrm voucher now? what do I say to them to get them to understand that I need a 4bdrm voucher?

  77. If I have a texas 3 bedroom voucher with 11 and 6 year old girls 8 year old boy and twin boys 4 months will I qualify for a 5 bedroom voucher

  78. HelloI currently have a three bedroom voucher but I have 2 sons oneis 13 one is 3 andtwo girls one is 11 and the other is 5 plus myself do i qualify for a four bedrrom and my two youngest are disabled

  79. Currently have section 8 and I live in massachusetts. I know the rules are different for all states. but I just have a 2 bedroom voucher and I have a 6 year old son and just recently had twin girls. Section 8 has told me I dont qualify for a 3 bedroom voucher. To put one baby in my room and one baby with my son. Is this true?

  80. I have 4 daughters ages 17, 14, 13, 11 and we have a 3 bedroom my husband and I are expecting. Will we be eligible for a 4 bedroom when the baby get of age?

  81. I currently have a 2 bedroom voucher for me and my 3 children a boy that’s 6 and a girl that’s 3 when i recert im adding my newborn baby girl and my 14 year old daughter will i get a 3 or 4 bedroom voucher since the 2 girls have an 11 year age difference

  82. I have a 2 bedroom apt in NY under sect 8. I need to know if once my daughter turns 18 if shes eligible for a room to herself I have 2 daughters 17 and 12 and myself.

  83. have 2girls and 2boys and myself I have a 3bedroom but my newphew. is moving in will he get his own room

  84. I was wondering I’m in Wa Seattle housing authority my children are 10 years & 4 days apart 12 & 2 1/2 will they have to share a room? Are there any age restrictions?
    Thank you

  85. My question is, I have a 4 bedroom voucher. I’m in the process of relocating to another state and they gonna turn my voucher into a 3 bedroom voucher. My household size is myself and 4 son’s ages 15 who has ADHD, 11, 21 and a 20 who has ADHD and ODD/ Conduct disorder which he can be very disruptive, causing a lot of chaos and very argumentative, just always making his other brother doesn’t want to be around or deal with him, it would be very difficult having for them to share a room with him. It is pretty rough having a child who is diagnosed with both ADHA and ODD/ CONDUCT DISORDER. It’s would be too much on my other children to have them share a room. I do have proof that two of my sons were diagnosed with ADHD and one with bot ADHD and ODD/ Conduct disorder.

    • I meant to say that it would be difficult for my other son’s to share a room with the 20yr old.

  86. If its me and 2 daughters ages 2 and 1 month. How many bedrooms will I be eligible for in the state of Texas?

  87. I’m 17 turning 18 in 5 months. Could I apply for section 8 if my baby’s father is 18 but he has no records as in birth certificate, I’d, etc.

    • You can apply on your own. You don’t need your baby’s father to apply with you. However, if he chooses to apply, he’ll need those documents.

  88. I am a single mother with an 18 month old daughter, and almost 6 year old son. What should I look for?

    • No, you’d look for a 3 bedroom. Your children are of the opposite sex, so they cannot share a room. You would need your own room, your daughter would need her own room, and then your son would need his own room.

  89. i have a 10 yr old girl and 1 month old boy my husband and myself. can i get my voucher upgraded in nj? also what are the rent limits for a 2 bdrm? if we cant upgrade i at least need a 2 bdrm house. this apt. is too cluttered for the 4 of us.

  90. Hi I’m relocating to georgia from ohio I have a 3 bedroom voucher ,my son is 6 and my daughter is 7 ….will I contiue to keep my 3 bedroom voucher or will it change??

  91. For blended family situations, with a single mom with two young daughters full time who has her teenaged sons every other weekend would that be enough time in the apartment to qualify for a 3rd bedroom?

  92. I am a single mother with 3 daughters aging 13, 9 & 5 I was told I’d get a 3 bedroom but is this true *even tho she is not on my voucher I also have a 14 year old daughter*

  93. I am a single father who has custody of my 5 year old daughter. I have a voucher authorizing for a 1 bedroom. Wouldnt i supposed to getting a 2 bedroom due to the fact im a male and she is a female? It may hurt my custody case if my daughter doesnt have her own room


  95. I have 2 boys (10 and 8) and a daughter (6). I qualified for a 3 bdr last year (we have been living in a small 2 bdr apt) but i couldnt afford a deposit to move. Now this year they said i dont qualify for a 3 bdr anymore due to budget cuts… is that legal?

  96. I have 13 yr old daughter and 5 yr old son along with myself. how many rooms would I qualify for in tx

  97. Hi everyone i have 4 sons 1 is disable there ages are 8,5,3,1.
    My 1 yr old is disable howany rooms will i qualify foe i live in Philly

  98. Hi, Its me, my 3 kids, 2 boys age 8 & 3 and my daughter age 5 and my lil sister age 18 what will I be eligible for in az.

  99. I have a tenant being forced to go from a 3-bedroom to a one bedroom by the local housing authority (Newark, Delaware) Her kids are grown. It will be for her and her special-needs granddaughter. The housing authority told her she had to get a 1 BR place and share it with the granddaughter. She was told she would have qualified for a 2 BR unit up until April 1st, 2014, but “the law changed”. Is that true, or should the housing authority allow a 2 BR place?

    (BTW, I won’t be her landlord for either a 1 or 2 BR, she’s become a friend and I’m trying to help out.)

  100. Im on section 8 and I’m about to give birth me and the father broke up before I knew I was pregnant … Will section 8 make me go after him for child support if he signs the birth certificate.. Or will they not even care if he signs it

  101. I just received my section 8 voucher for a 3 bedroom the house hold consists of me my disable mother 2 boys and my 10 yr old daughter they want her to share a room with me or my mother what can I do I feel like a little girl should not have to share a room with a grown women

  102. I have a 4 year old girl and a 6 year old boy.. who I want them to stay together in the bedroom but they are different ginger is your anyway housing authority can make the exception

  103. Does a single parent with 2 girls are 6 and 14 years old how many rooms do I quality for in housing section 8

  104. I’m relocating to Houston from Oklahoma I have 3 daughters ages 20,17,14 my 20yr old Is due to have a baby in October what size unit will i be eligible for.

  105. I am a single Mother of 9, 3, and a 1 year old all girls how many bedrooms will section 8 approve me 4

  106. I have a question
    I have a 5 year old daughter and myself
    & will have a son born in just about 3 weeks.
    The thing is my lease is up before or by the 30th.
    & I’m looking for a new place
    Am I eligible for a 3 bedroom?

  107. I’m having triplets. And I have @ three year old baby boy. How many rooms will I be able to.receive.

  108. I’m currently pregnant with my 3rd child, a daughter. My other children are Daughter 14, and a son 7. with my newest addiction how many bedroom would I qualify for. again that’s a girl 14, boy 7 and newborn.

  109. Hi I am a single mom with 5 kids 17yr Old girl 6 yr girl and 3 boys 5 yr 18 months and 4 how many rooms would that qualify me for months

  110. I have a 1 year old boy and a 8 year old daughter, im receiving my voucher sometime next week but I dont know how many bedrooms I qualify for yet. My voucher is from Texas. Would it be a 3 bedroom?

  111. Hell, It’s me my 7y daughter, 2y son, and 7m daughter. I thought I qualified For a 3 bedroom but my worker gave me a 2. Could this be a mistake

    • It could be, but probably not. your 7 month old can stay in your room and the 2 year old and 7 year old can share a room

  112. I am planning on moving from California and it would be myself and my two children I would like to know what the voucher amount is for a family of 3?

  113. Hello I have me and 3 girls my oldest is 16 my second girl is 10 and my youngest daughter is about to be 4 in October how many bedrooms will I qualify for

  114. Im going to receive the voucher shortly but i have 6 children a son who is 18 a daughter who is 12 two other daughters age 5 and 3 and two other sons ages 4 and 8 months how many rooms do I qualify for? I’m so confused i only have 30 days to find an apartment but I’m unsure of the size to look for

  115. I am married and have 5 month old twins (boy and a girl) There is 4 of us. How many bedrooms would I qualify for in Huntington, WV?

  116. I just found out that I`m getting my section 8 voucher. I have a 11 yr old son and a 9 1/2yr old daughter, how many bedrooms should I look for in California?

  117. I just have a quick question. My husband and I have 4 kids and we have a 3 bedroom voucher from Section 8. We love the house we live in, and are planning on staying here as long as we can. The problem is, I’m currently pregnant and I’m wondering if section 8 is going to force me to move to a 4 bedroom house because my 3 bedroom voucher is only supposed to be for up to 6 people? Can I ask to stay in a 3 bedroom even if they want to give me a 4 bedroom voucher? My house is amazing and its in a good school district and its the perfect place to raise my kids. I’ll never find another house like this in such an amazing neighborhood again. I really hope I dont have to move.

    • you can stay in the house even if you have a 4 bedroom voucher. don’t worry.

  118. I have a two bedroom voucher an i cant be in the house alone have seizures and jad four strokes and my daughter is nineteen and they. Telling me i have to share a room with her is that true

  119. I am moving from Hawaii to California. In Hawaii my husband, daughter and myself have a 2 bedroom voucher. My husband left, what voucher size should I expect in California?

  120. Ok, im sure we would qualify for a 3 bedroom but im asking just to see if ive got the right idea! We have 2 sons atm and pregnant w our 3rd child (not sure the sex) along with me and my fiance in okc. How many rooms would we qualify for?

    • yes, once the baby is born regardless of sex you will most probably qualify for a 3 bedroom voucher.

  121. I currently live in a 4 BDRM renting for a 3 bdrm price. (my voucher size) i first had a voucher size for a 2 bdrm until i had a reasonable accommodation for my 8yr old son due to medical reasons. which made my voucher size a 3 instead of a 2. however I just renewed the reasonable accommodation and they are now forcing me to place my 18yr old in the livingroom. which means I will have to move after 3yrs what’s going on?????

    • so they downgraded you to a 2 bedroom from a 3 bedroom voucher? how many kids do you have? what ages/genders?

  122. I have 6 kids, 4 girls and 2 boys. How many bedrooms will i get? I applied n in the process f hopefully getting a voucher.

  123. I’ve had section 8 since 2009 and was approved for the two bedroom back then. My daughter was 4 and son 2. Now my daughter is going on 10 and my son is going on 8. Would I be able to get a 3 bedroom? Is that possible?

    • Yes, you’d need to update the ages on the annual report, or contact your local hsa. You have a good shot.

  124. I currently have a two bedroom voucher and have three boys ages 14, 10, and 6 when am I able to get a three bedroom voucher they say two ppl to a room how long so they think a six year old is suppose to be in the room with me

    • First, what county are you in? Every county has slightly different rules. With most counties, once the child (opposite gender only) reaches 8 years old, they can no longer sleep in the same room as the opposite sex. So in 2 years time, you may qualify. But if you have a living room they may say you have to have a pull out bed and put the kid there and still stay in a 2 bedroom.

  125. Hello ,I’m a single mother of a 10 year old boy and a six year girl ,I currently have a section 8 Voucher , I’m planning on moving next year .My question is ,will my voucher be upgraded to a 3 bedroom voucher instead of 2 now that my children are a little older ?

    • Depends on the local guidelines to where you are moving. Some counties, yes, you will be eligible for a 3 bedrooms.

  126. I have a daughter 21 in college and a son 13 currently I have a 3 bedroom my son is homeschooled due to his disability he sleeps in the living room since one if the bedrooms is his classroom do I qualify for a 4 bedroom I will be eligible in feb 2014 for section 8

  127. I am 50yrs old with a 25yr old daughter and the NJ Section 8 will only give me 2bedroom with a reasonable accomodations. Yes, Section8 has awarded me my disability status, but why do I have to share a bedroom with my 25yr old daughter?

    Am I not entitled to 2br voucher automatically.

    • I’m confused. It sounds like you did get approved for a 2 bedroom. Section 8 figures your 25 year old daughter should be able to support herself (unless she has a disability of some sort)

  128. I have a 13yr old daughter. Will I be qualified for a two bedroom. And my mom is disable and i take care of her. Am I allowed to put her in the house with me and my daughter?

  129. Hi im still waiting for my voucher. And im a single mother with 3 kids a girl who is
    6 a girl who is 4months and a son who is 3. Will i qualify for a 3 bedroom or a 2.?
    Thanks ,

  130. I have a 2 bedroom voucher my disabled mom lives with me my 19 year old daughter her 3 yr old daughter and my 11 yr old son my daughter is now pregnant do you think ism eligible for a 3 bedroom I’m from San Diego county

  131. I currently have a 2 bedroom section 8 voucher. I have a 2 yr old son and an 18 yr old son. Does section 8 allow me to have a 3 bedroom voucher or do they expect my 18 yr old and 2 yr old to share a room?

  132. I have 5 children.. 2 girls ages 15 and 11 and 3 boys ages 5, 2 and 2 months. How many bedrooms do I qualify for?

  133. Hi i have three girls 19, 16, 6 n have a 3bdr voucher. If my 19 yr old moves out will i have to down size to a two bedroom voucher even though the girls r 16 n 6?

  134. I have a 1 bedroom voucher and live by myself. but I just got married and want to start a family with my husband. He lives at a friends while I figure out how to add him and our new place, I’m looking for a new place in Orange County, CA. I want a 2 bedroom to set up a nursery, office/gym for the time being. Can I get a 2 bedroom now or do I have to wait until I’m pregnant?? Can a newly married couple have a 2 bedroom?? Thanks so much

  135. I have a household of all females including myself 42,19,16,14&2 Im on sec8 living in a sm 2 bdrm how can I transfer 2 a bigger unit with a 2 bdrm voucher $1027.

  136. I have a household of 4. Myself, 20, 1, and a 3 month. We are all female. I am transferring my voucher from Louisiana. Does my unit size stay the same or will it change? If it does, what will be the unit size?

  137. I have a 6 year old daughter, a 4 year old son (turning 5 in Feb.) and a 18month old son. What would I qualify for in miami dade county?

  138. Hi. It’s 4 people in my home. My husband, myself, son who is 5 and daughter who will be 3 in a few months. Both have a disability, they need their own room. I have a 2 bedroom voucher. What are my chances? Thanks.

  139. I have a 4 year old son who is in pre-school and a 2 year old daughter, would I qualify for a 3 bedroom? I am currently in a 2 bedroom and got told that my kids should not be in the same room since they are different genders.

  140. As stated before, my daughter is 21 college student, son is 13 and disabled autistic non verbal/ home schooled we are currently living in extremely crowed living conditions, I have one bedrom for his class and physical therapy/ I have not kitchen table because I have a couch there, I mom out a bed in the living area. Do I qualify for 4 bed voucher to accomadate my sons special needs?

  141. What is the range of voucher for a 3 bedroom? In California San Bernardino county?
    If the living room is big enough a bed could be used in it

  142. I currenty am on HUD housing(which goes by income) I am disabled and live on SSI. I currently am in a 1 bedroom apt with my service animals. I have family and people that come in to help me out at times as my health has declined sometimes they are here for several nights and so I requested a 2 bedroom approved by my doctor. They denied it because they said it would have to be a live-in care provider or aide and want to know the reasons. By law they cannot ask me to disclose of my disabilities . My doctor filled out all necessary paperwork. What is the amount of time someone has to be here (hours) to comply with their standards. Cause I heard that with a reasonable accommodation by your Doctor stating the reasons why I need the extra room and cause it has to do with physical and mental health that that is suppose to be sufficient enough.

    • Not unless they live with you full time and it’s necessary. They will not approve an extra bedroom if people occasionally come by to help. Sorry.

  143. I will reappeal my RA on my son” I also have mental health issues and need a room, I hope with the information from mental health provider will get me the room I need I have seen some people in a 5 bedroom home with 3 people living there, there is DIF something wrong with our system it’s 3 of us and all I need is the 1 extra bedroomSMH I will take it all the way to a court if I have too…just saying

  144. Hi I have a 3br voucher for myself my 17 yr old & my 10 yr old daughter I recently got custody of my husbands two kids his son is 9 & his daughter is 12 does my bedroom size change? I don’t mind the girls sharing but does my 17 yr old have to share a room with my step son who is 9?

  145. I have a voucher for a 2 bedrooms, we are 3 in our family: two sons (7 and 19) and myself. Can I request a 3 bedroom voucher? I know that they are same sex but the gap between ages is huge.

  146. I have a 6 year old girl with ADHD and bipolar & a 3 year old son would i qualify for a 3 bedroom if her psychiatric say she need her own space to help with her different moods and rage

  147. I will like to get a transfer because my 2 bedroom is way to small. I have a 4 yr old and a 12 going on 13 yr old . will I be qualified to get a 3 bedroom? (Brooklyn NY)

  148. I just wanted to know what is the exact voucher price for a three bedroom in contra costs county in the city of Antioch,Ca

  149. I have been on housing since 2002 at the time my oldest son was 4. In March of 2008 i had another son and was still on housing. In 2009 i decided to move to a bigger place and when i got to my breifing they had up graded me to a three bedroom vultur. Was i entitled to that vultur up grade? If so why.

  150. ok my friend has an 2br voucher and she has 2g @ 1b altogether. including herself is 4… so my question is would she be able to receive an 3br voucher? in san bernardino county

  151. I currently have a 4bedroom for 7 of us. I now have temp custody of my 2yr old niece can I add her to my voucher and will my bedroom size go up

  152. I have a 1 month old baby boy a 5 year old dauther and a 4 year old son how many rooms will section 8 give me

  153. I would like to apply for section 8 my son was killed the people still have not been caught I don’t want to live in nycha anymore . I have me and my 3 children two boys ages 17 & 7 my daughter 15 what criteria do I fit into

  154. I have 3 son’s two are 14 and 1 is 13 and I have a daughter that is 7. I got a 4 bedroom voucher but I saw a 3 bedroom that I like will they let me rent it?

  155. How can I get on the section 8 hud list who can I contact for help and what criteria do I fit in ???? I really need to know who to speak to . Thanks in advance…

    • Browse this site. There is a ton of information. But to apply for section 8 just check with your local housing authority.

  156. Can my fiance and i qulify for section 8? We both work and would really like to get a house voucher. Can anyone help me figure this out??

    • Obviously we can’t help you with the lack of information provided. But browse the site, there is tons of good information here that will help you. But the bottom line is you will never know unless you fill out the section 8 application and see…

  157. I have a 2 bedroom voucher 17 year old girl and 12 year old boy I’m porting from California to Dallas Texas you think I will be able for a 3 bedroom voucher.

  158. I have a 2bdrm voucher With 2daughters, 22yr old, 14yr old, I just recently removed the 22yr old because she moved out now section 8 down graded me to a 1bdrm are those the proper requirements for a 14yr old teen age girl to sleep in the same bedroom with me.

    • Yes, either that or they expect her to sleep in the living room in a bed or couch.

  159. Can I have myself taken off the section 8 ? I am 23 yrs old on a 3 room voucher with my family (brother and mother ) I am not head of household.Or will I be on this forever ?

    • Why do you need to take yourself off? If you ever move out, you will automatically be taken off the next year when your mother fills out the annual disclosure. But you can move out anytime you want.

  160. i have three girls 17,7 and 3 years old and i’m living in a 2 bdrm, i wanted to know if i’m eligible for a 3 bdrm since there’s limited space and a huge age difference between them, can the 17 year old get her own room and the younger 2 sleep in a room together.?

    • How would I go by applying to move up in size? & What should I do if they turn me down.?

    • I have 3 boys ages 16, 14 and 13 and i am in a 2 bd. I am very thankful that we have a roof over our heads. people on this program need to quit thinking they are supposed to live better than everyone else when most of them don’t even try to work.

  161. I have 4 grandchildren 10 months boy grandson 7, grandson 6 and grandaughter 6 ane 2 teens 15 and 16 including self what size would i be?

  162. I have 3 children, 19 yr old boy, 9 yr old girl and an 8 yr old boy. Will I get a 3 bdrm or 4 and is it a longer wait for a 4 bdrm?

    • You won’t qualify for a 4 bedroom. The size of your potential voucher does not factor into the wait time.

  163. I am 26 yrs old and I am on a 3 room voucher with my family 2 brothers and mother . My mother is trying to kick me out because she is upset with me . I don’t have a job right now . Can she legally kick me out .. Please help

    • Yes, she can legally kick you out. You can also legally apply for section 8 on your own.

  164. I’m confused I live in NC where I have a 2 bedroom voucher because I have a 7 year old son. I was just absorbed to VA where I was down graded to a 1 unit voucher. Could you explain to me why??

    • Different HA’s have different rules regarding number of units provided.

  165. I have a 6 yr old son and a 10 yr old daughter. Will i be able to get a three bedroom. My kids are getting older. I , live in the state of delaware.

    • I applied for section 8 in NYC like 1 and a half year ago and I’m still waiting . Is it possible for me to send a letter asking them if I can get it quicker because I have 3 boys and 2 girls along with me and my husband living in a 2 bed room apartment . And we can’t afford a lbigger place . What should I do? And how many rooms would they give us

    • Not much you can do other than call and ask where you are on the waiting list. Writing a letter will most likely not affect it one way or the other.

  166. Qualify for 3 bedroom voucher. Found a 4 bedroom within the 3 bedroom voucher amount. Will I qualify?

  167. Im on sec 8 in califorina I have two boys 9-&8 i understand they will share a room but i also have a small child who is also a boy he is 17months old will he be forced to join the other two and then will i have three boys all in one room

    • He will have to stay in your room if you don’t want him with the other boys.

  168. I currently live in Birmingham, Alabama and am on section 8. I have been on the program since 2007 and at that time was giving a 2 bedroom voucher for myself and my then 7 year old son. In 2012. Since then, I have given birth to a daughter, who is now 2 yrs old as of 12/2014. I am now expecting a son April 2015. Will I then be eligible for a 3 bedroom voucher?

  169. My son is 14 years old, he will be 15 in 10/2015 and my daughter will be 3 in 12/15. Or will my daughter and newborn son have to both share a room with me?

  170. I have a 24yr old daughter and a 26 yr old son..yet they say I qualiy onlt for a two bedroom voucher. HOW?

    • Really it should only be for one. Consider yourself lucky. After 18, they are no longer considered kids. Unless they are physically or mentally impaired.

  171. I currently have a 3 bedroom voucher I recently gain custody of my nieces and nephew I now have a total of 7 children will I qualify for a 5 bedroom

  172. I have two daughter 8 and 2 month will I get a 2 bed room and do they consider a living room a bed room

  173. I live in jersey city nj and i have 8 year old boy and a 15 year old with a 2 bedroom and a up grade my voc to a 3 bedrrom?

  174. I live in Massachusetts and I currently live in a 2 bedroom apartment. I have a 13 year old and 19 year old boy. I shared my room with my husband , while the kids share their room.
    Do you think I can get 3 bedroom?

  175. I live in NJ. I have a 3 bedroom voucher. I found a 4 bedroom house. Which is under the price for 3 bedroom . Will they give it to me?

    • So the asking price for the 4 bedroom is less than the total amount of your 3 bedroom voucher? If that’s the case I don’t see why they wouldn’t rent it to you. Nice Find!

  176. I have 6 kids 3 girls and 3 boys boy 13 yrs boy 9 yrs boy 5 months girl 11 yrs girl 7 yrs girl 4 yrs old how many bedroom should I get from section 8 in nyc bronx?

  177. I live in California, have a 3 bdrm voucher which includes daughter (29) son (24) myself (62) and granddaughter (6 1/2) if my son moves out, will I lose my 3 bdrm status, or be able to keep it?

  178. My mother is deadly ill and Is taking care of my 22 year old brother. I am on Section 8, I’m 30 years old, if I were to add my adult brother to the lease would I have to share a room with him? At the moment my household voucher is for 1.

    • Not that easy to add an adult onto your section 8 unless you are the legal guardian. But if you do, you MAY get bumped up to a 2 bedroom.

  179. I have 6 kids, 12 Boy, 8 Boy, 6Boy ,5Boy ,4Girl, and a 10mo Boy. Plus their is me and my husband how many bedrooms do you think I will get they told me to start looking for places but I have no idea what I am looking for and to get a response from anyone is like pulling teeth. I am in Cook County Illinois

  180. I live in livonia, mi and i received my section 8 in February I found a two bedroom with in a one bedroom budget will I be able to qualify?

  181. hi I live in Suffolk county ny I have a 3 year old and a baby due in june. do I qualify for a 2 bedroom?

  182. I have a 2 bedroom voucher for me and my 14yr old daughter. But have custody of my now 8yr old niece for the past 5 yrs. The niece has been added to my lease but has some mental issues. Can I be bumped up to a 3 bedroom voucher due to the age difference one being a teenager and the other having mental issues which needs a room of her own. I already live in a 3bedroom house but im only receiving a 2 bedroom voucher. Since I’ve been on sec 8 I now receive disability so I have a bit more income. I live in kane county , Il. You can call office leave 30 messages but never receive a call back no matter what the circumstance es.

    • They are pretty bad at getting back to you. I doubt in Kane county you’d be bumped up to a 3 bedroom, especially considering that you receive disability. But it doesn’t hurt to apply.

  183. Okay a little confused planning on moving to south Carolina thus year I am currently in a 3 bedroom. I have to boys 11,and 7 months also 2 girls 7, and 6, plus myself. What would I qualified for and how much do they pay for???!!!

  184. we are a family of 5 how much do you have make per year to get on section 8I’m in the Kansas City area my husband make about 2500 a month

  185. I’m a family of five, three kids my boyfriend and myself. We got selected for section 8 after five years waiting. The thing is my boyfriends mom is very sick and disabled and on oxygen 24 hours. Can she be on the section 8 with us or would her income mess us our chance of getting help. She is on SSI and gets 900 a month. That’s the only income. We don’t got income at this time.

    • Every county is different but if hers is the only income you will probably still qualify.

  186. I live in Georgia. I live in a 4 bedroom house. when i first moved in it was me, my son, and my daughter. i worked and received ssi for both kids. this was just last year. this year i have the same income but my daughter had a baby. i received a letter saying my rent went up 200.00. when i questioned it. the said they do dont give me credit for my daughter cause she is 20 and doesnt work. but she is still getting ssi and they are counting her income. i would like to know if this correct.

  187. Hi I live in fresno, California . I have a 2bedroom voucher . When I got section 8 it was just myself my husband and 2year old daughter . She is now 3years old and we have a 3month old son . My lease is up soon and I need to still add him on my section 8 will my section 8 go up to a 3bedroom because I thought boy and girl aren’t supposed to share a room together?

    • Only once the child is anywhere from 5-10 years old depending on county. So you have at least another 2 years if not more.

  188. I am moving to Florida with the gentleman that I have been a live in caregiver for almost 8 years. He is on Section 8 here in NM and he has a 2 bedroom voucher. I am not sure how to find the rent limits for a 2 bedroom voucher in Pasco County; however, I am finding more 3 bedroom rentals available than 2. Would I be able to get a 3 bedroom rental on a 2 bedroom voucher for us? And do you know where I can locate online the rent limits for a 2 bedroom voucher in Pasco County, FL?

    • Hard to find the rent limits online, just call your local HA. You’d be able to get a 3 bedroom as long as your landlord will accept the 2 bedroom voucher plus whatever he wants your portion to be.

  189. i have orientation in MI coming up for section 8. my children been on list since 2006. my children are 18,21, 22,22 and i have a grandson and one on the way one of my children is away in college he cant make orientation will that be a problem

    • i have orientation in MI coming up for section 8. my children been on list since 2006. my children are 18,21, 22,22 and i have a grandson and one on the way one of my children is away in college he cant make orientation will that be a problem

  190. Hello I have a 18 and a 14 year old son with a 15 year daughter how many rooms will I qualify for. I have a three bedroom voucher at the moment

  191. My mom has been issued a 1 bedroom voucher for me (her 19 year old daughter) and herself. We suspect that her worker is taking money from her voucher and making us move into a one bedroom. When we first went to see her she kept my mother’s voucher at $575 which was where it has been for a while now. All of a sudden, we meet with her again (mind you my mother has never had this worker before and she comes off a bit sketchy. All of her other workers have kept her voucher the same spite how mny kids she had. My brother and sister are older so they have moved out a long time ago, but I have been living with my mother for a while now, I am heading to college soon.) But anyway she had once told us her voucher was still at $575. We call her for a place at that price and she tells us its at $475. We can’t understand nor get through to her that we cannot find a two bedroom for that price! She claims we can only get one. Which would mean that we have to sleep together which neither of us want to do! So now here we are stuck and we have to be out by the end of this month AND WE HAVE NOT FOUND A PLACE BECAUSE OF MY MOHTER’S WORKER! WE ARE CONVINCED SHE IS DOING FRAUD! DOES THIS SOUND ODD TO YOU AS WELL? Its almost like she’s not seeing that I STILL LIVE WITH MY MOM! Its like she wants to forcefully put me out just because of my age, but I was aware that my age is not the issue! What is this woman getting at? She has a son herself that she was once on section 8. We asked her would you put YOUR SON OUT!? SHE REPLIED NO! OKAY, SO WHY MAKE IT SEEM LIKE I NEED TO BE OUT!? I jjust can’t understand this lady. Please help me out here.

    • Most likely your county allows for 2 adults in a 1 bedroom. Doubt there’s any fraud going on, but it’s always possible.

  192. I have for kids 3 boy and 1 girl
    boy 12 -8- 6 years
    girl 10 years
    am a single mother 47 years
    live in Brooklyn how many bed room can I have

  193. If I live in California and have an eight year old daughter, a 7 month old son with down syndrome and ventilator dependent, and a baby on the way what would I qualify for?

  194. Eventhough, he is a different gender? I see on snvrha that they give u a different bedroom for a child thats of opposite gender? Is that not accurately correct?

    • Yes, it depends on the ages of the kids and what county. Sometimes separate genders will stay in the same room.

  195. I live in NC how many bedrooms will my husband and I be able to get a 2 bedroom or just a 1

  196. Thanks, in las vegas, if you have a one bedroom voucher that covers a 2, will they accept it?(asking for a friend)

  197. Hi, I live in Puerto Rico with my 4 children’s 3 boys and 1 girl. And I got a 4 bedrooms voucher with no income only food stamp. I will like to know how much the state of North Carolina will afford for my voucher ovethere? I will like to move, but I want to know what I’m looking for?

  198. I have 2 daughters, which of course in which I have a two bedroom. Im up for recertification next month or so and I found out my oldest is pregnant. Well this qualify me for a 3 bedroom voucher? and if so do we have to wait until baby is born??

    • Definitely have to wait until baby is born. And then only possibly will you be upgraded to a 3 bedroom voucher.

  199. I lived in los Angeles county . we have 2 bed room voucher for 4 people, my self my wife and my daughter 24 years old my son 26 years old. Now my son get married , can we get a voucher with 3 bed room?

  200. My mother has a 3 bedroom house that Section 8 pays for. I’m currently 17 and I have every intention on moving out on my 18th birthday. It me, my mom, and my little brother who live her. On August 30th, I’ll be moving onto a college campus because I’m an EOP student. Will she keep her her eligibility for 3 bedrooms (700$ a month) or will she have to move into a new house with a reduced rent?
    And second question, if I got married but stayed at home with her would that reduce the rent she’s eligible for?

  201. I have a son 14 with severe autism, I was instructed by his counsoler for him to have a separate quarter for his mental disability I also have a daughter 19 I am currently on low income housing 3 bed I sleep in the living room no my FOA states a 2 bedroom for more than what I pay now! I will fill out the RA form just inquiring what are your limitations to a RA

    • Will you qualify for what? 2 bedrooms? No, you’ll only have a voucher for 1. But if the landlord is willing to take that amount you will just pay the difference.

  202. I just recieved my section 8 i have 3 sons. ages 3, 5 and 7 will i get a 3 bedroom apartment. I was told it was supposed to be 2 kids to a room???

  203. I’m currently in a 3 bedroom which is fine but now I have to downgrade in to a two bed room, it don’t make any sense to me I sleep in living room rite now which is fine.
    Why cannot I keep my 3 bed rooms?
    I will contact hasb on this matter
    I don’t mind paying my portion of rent but not to downsize in bedroom size for more money

  204. I want to know can I move in my own apartment at the age 16 with my son. My son is 2 months old.

  205. Can you please tell me If a person receives section 8 in NJ, can the transfer it to Puerto Rico or the USVI?

  206. I currently have section 8 for 2 bd but i was told if i move i have to get a 1bd for my disable 32year old son and myself is that correct

    • Shouldn’t make a difference if you are moving within the same county. If you are moving to another county you have to abide by their rules and you may only qualify for a 1 bedroom there.

    • My voucher is for a two bedroom my son is disabled severe autism I use one of the bedrooms as his class and therapy for Counsoling visits I currently have a 3 bedroom but section 8 reduced to a 2 bed for more money than what I’m paying now
      Does that make any sense to me it don’t sound rite

  207. I two bedroom voucher but found a place in NEVADA for a three bedroom for my voucher price can I get the place if landlord is willing to take it

    • Yes you can. I know for sure that in Jacksonville, FL you are allowed to get however many bedrooms are within your voucher’s amount. However, you are solely responsible for paying the difference of the extra bedroom(s). I hope that this helps you.

  208. I currently live in new braunfels tx and have a 2bd voucher i have a 10yr daughter, 9yr son,8yr daughter, twin 7yr girls. I dont understand why my voucher is for a 2bdrm. Im porting out to houston tx next month. My i receive a larger voucher? 6 people in a 2bdrm doesnt seem right. Even when i have looked for places i was denied over and over because i was told a 2bdrm was incorrect. Please help!!

    • If I may add to your question section 8 makes up their own rules, you shoul be qualified for at least 3 bedroom if not a 4, section 8 change their rules as they go to accomadate those who are in much needed need, I don’t understand it neither I’m having the same problem here in Cali
      I wish you luck hope all goes well for you and your family

    • @Yolli thank you. I will pray for you and your situation that everything goes well. I wont complain even if we are Crammed into a 2bdrm im still thankful to have a roof over our heads.

    • Yes Rhonda, that is in a way kind of unbelievable! But, the way that things are getting with these Section 8 Vouchers, I surely can dig it. I know that if you moved here to Jacksonville, FL, you would definitely qualify for at lease a three. As a matter of fact, a four being that here it is two heartbeats to a room, regardless of a age or gender.

    • Rhonda read my posts and sweetheart whatever you do don’t I mean don’t move to Jacksonville Florida any where but here. And I hope you the best in you search of a place for you and yours

  209. Can I switch from a four bedroom voucher to a three bedroom? Because of difficult circumstances it has become hard to find a 4 bedroom and we need to move ASAP.

    • You don’t need to downgrade your voucher. Just look for a 3 bedroom and you can use your 4 bedroom voucher there. Your voucher means UP TO 4 bedrooms.

  210. This program is only beneficial to those on government assistance, I’m on low income housing now and section 8 wants to downsize my three bedrom to s two for more money. I am low income, I waited so long to get positive results on getting my two children out of an apartment.
    This is really sad, I am disabled with health problems as well as my son

    • Go to your housing authority and request paper work for your doctor to fill out and have the doctor MAIL IT BACK NO YOU now

  211. I have 5 bedroom voucher but cant find a place can I use it for 4 bedroom if the landlord is willing to accept?

  212. Portability specialist at DCA Ga stated if I have a 5 bedroom I have to move in a 5 bedroom it’s so hard to find only room size I see is 4 bedroom and they’re willing to take my voucher

  213. We are a family of 4: 1 adult(single mom) and 3 children ages 13,9, and 6. I went to my annual resertifaction meeting and was told I may have to down size. We currently have a 3 bedroom town house, and may have to go to a 2 bedroom something else. My daughters(ages 13,and 9) already share a bedroom, my son (age 6) has his own room, and I have the smallest room as mine. My question is how can we be expected to go to a smaller 2 bedroom, I thought that with having a male child of certain age they could not by federal HUD law be placed with a female child of a certain age. My teenage and almost tween age daughters already are cramped for space, and now my have to go to an even smaller room, how is that a possibility? If you could shed some light on this, it is greatly appreciated. I was hoping to be able to stay in the unit we have, providing the land lord agrees, is that a possibility?

  214. I currently live in Jacksonville Florida and Catherine your information is incorrect. I’m on section 8 with a disabled mother we had to get her doctors to verify that we needed a two bedroom or they was trying to put to adults in a one bedroom. Yes it is two heartbeat to one room here which is so Illegal but no one have the courage to speak up. My cousin who also on section 8 had a two bedroom they made her move into a one bedroom with a 12 year old son. Who does that , but that’s how they doing it now sad but true.

  215. I am currently a single mother attending school I have a section 8 interview this week coming up. I have 5 children boy’s 8, 3 and 2. have two girls age 6 and 11 months. I am in NYC and would like to know how much would my voucher be since I want to start looking now. We are in a 1 bedroom.

    • It all depends on the housing authority in your area do to the two heart beat rule

  216. I’m currently living in Ms transferring to Jacksonville, Fla soon I was wondering would my section 8 voucher go up since Florida’s price of living is higher and how much. I have a 2 bedroom voucher.

    • yes the voucher amount will likely go up slightly, depending on county. Check with the local HA in the county you are considering porting to.

    • Only if you have a source of income cause Jacksonville isn’t absorb so Ms have to pay your rent here.

  217. If I am a person who has section8 in the state of Michigan, but have a felonies charge over 7 years old that was caught in Illinois, and I wanted to transfer it back home would that be possible.

  218. Can i add my mother in law that is blind and cannot walk, even though me and my ex wife (her daughter) have split?

  219. I have a daughter who will be coming over for visits every year and will live with me in the future so do I put 1 or 2 in my household?

  220. I’m struggling trying to find a 2bd rm house. I.have found 3 bd that are in some cases lower or the same w/ 2. It’s myself n daughter and I’m in Ga and running out of time. I did apts last time and it wasn’t the best. I was wondering if the amount fits into the voucher could I consider a 3bd? I need to turn in my documented by the 30th staying I found something..#yikes#pullinghair

    • Its totally up to the landlord to rent you a three for a two bedroom voucher, but the landlord has to take the door off the room so it won’t be a room it will then be a den or office

  221. Hi we are having are 1st kid in November. we was looking at an apartment earlier & its only a 1 bedroom. My question is this. Can us being a parent can have the frontroom as our bedroom, and then our child (getting older) be in the bedroom itself?

  222. I have an interview for my voucher next week in PHILADELPHIA and had two questions:

    How can I find out how many bedrooms I can get with a 18 month BOY?

    Can I add my 56 yr old Mother to my household?

    • Probably 1 bedroom. If you are able to add on your mother, you will qualify for a 2 bedroom most likely.


  224. I was wondering how I go about getting a 2 br. voucher for full time help? I’m in a wheelchair and I’m getting older and I feel I need someone to help me with different things throughout the day and mostly at night. Do I have to get a doctors note? If my aid has another job, does their money get added with mine? It shouldn’t right, cause I will be paying them out of my SSI money??If anyone knows anything about this situation, please let me know, thanks and God bless..

    • Go to your section 8 case worker they should be able to provide you with the paper work, and able the rent part I’m not sure but by that being your healthcare aide who will soon be residing with you I don’t think your rent will charge. Just do the paperwork they’ll let you know what is what. Good luck

  225. My friend in California is being forced to move to a 1 bedroom even though she had qualified for 2 bedroom and has her son living with her that is on disability he is over 21 but why should that matter they are different genders! Sounds like discrimination to me

    • Because of the amount of people applying for section 8 housing the section 8 housing department informed my friend they need to free up money to provide the new clients coming on section 8 they could stay and pay the difference of the 2 bedroom Or move to a 1 bedroom. Why would they have to move to free up money for someone else when they qualified for housing to begin with due to their income? It sounds like a strong arm tactic with a lit of discrimination on the side. What more information would you need to come to the conclusion section 8 is in the wrong

    • Something sure does sound off she is asking questions of how she can insure her voucher for a 2 bedroom they are not helpful at all. The housing case manager said to her they have made their decision. Ok but every entity has a process a form of appeal a hearing whatever! I told her that’s bogess and she should continue to fight for what has been provided to her for 20 years plus. What can she do ? She doesn’t have money for a lawyer so what should she do?

  226. I have a maricopa county housing voucher. I had 4 children (3 boys 1 girl) and had a 5 bed room voucher because of disabilities with two of my older sons. One room for me one for my daughter and one for each son because the younger son couldn’t share with either of them. When my older son left after becoming an adult, it was lowered to 4 but we were able to stay in the same home because the cost was workable. I moved a year ago to a 4 br home. My younger son still could not stay with the older brother. I qualified for $0 copay and even had some left for utilities. Well, they want to increase my rent $450 because the woman says I only get a three bedroom voucher now or redo all the paperwork that has been on file…as permanent condition….for 13 years. But my son is also now an adult. She wants to count all his income as an adult, but doesn’t want to count him as an adult for voucher size. I am not cohabitant ing with my adult son. He is not cohabitating with younger siblings and I don’t cohabitate with children. From what I read, that alone should qualify me for 4 bedrooms. Am I correct? Thanks

  227. I live in newhaven,ct i have a 15 year old and a five year old both boys with a two bedroom voucher is it possible to ungrade to a three bedroom voucher.

  228. Live in San Diego WI have a section 8″Choice Communities Voucher” we originally had a 3 Bd voucher and at the time had 4 people in the house that was 7yrs ago.. . Due to cuts the downgraded our Voucher to a 2 bedroom which we understood at the time but we have had 2 children sense then we have 2 teens of opposite sex and two toddler’s of the same sex.. a total of 6 ppl in the house … My question is how do I get them to up my Voucher to a 3 bedroom instead of a 2 bedroom…. I asked for an increase due to Financial hardship because we live in a 3 bedroom and pay the extra rent what my worker told me is because my current unit isn’t overcrowded they will not up my Voucher size…. I am not sure how to get them to pay the 3 bedroom standards…. we have been in this unit for 5 years we had 5 people in the family with our youngest being 3 Mos when we moved in here…. we had another child since thus creating the financial hardship with paying the extra rent. I am wondering do you know if we move will they be forced to increase our voucher size???? Or is there a way I can get them to up our current Voucher to a 3 Bedroom?

  229. My mother and I have a 1 bedroom voucher in NYC. We are trying to get a 2 bedroom apartment and are willing to pay the difference which we have done in the past with our last 2 apartments with no problem from Section 8. Are we allowed to do that still? Will that cause any problems for the landlord? I am asking because we have been told by a prospective landlord and a real estate agent that they aren’t allowed to rent a 2 bedroom apartment to people with a 1 bedroom voucher. This sounds odd to us because we have done it before and have been told in the past by officials at Section 8 that as long as we are not paying more than we are allowed to out of our own pocket (30 to 40% of our income) that it is fine. Has that policy changed in the last few years since we last moved?

    • Sounds like he just doesn’t want to rent to you. You can definitely get a 2 bedroom and pay the difference.

    • Thank you for answering. I’m glad to know that I wasn’t mistaken. One of the real estate agents called back today and told me that she got some clarification from their legal department and that I was right. She’s taking us to look at two places on Wednesday. 😀 I haven’t been able to get a hold of the other agent, but I will give him the number of Section 8 customer service if he says what he did before.

    • Go sign up for public housing or look for subsidized housing in your area that goes by your income

  230. It’s true section 8 is telling people they will have to down size. Here in Maryland the (HOA) of every county, is telling all clients the two heart beats per bedroom rule is what is going on. They are telling people that the ages and sex of children don’t matter anymore. I was told this myself, because of budget cuts and that so many are in need of housing they are trying to free up money. I was told that next budget year (2016) these changes would go into effect. Like everyone else I find this very concerning, and am thinking a lot of strong arm tactics are going on. I was also told that they (HOA) could and would not give out any more info until next year. I don’t know if other states are doing this, but it is most certainly happening here in MD!!

    • Yes, it applys to all section 8 all over and, yes by law of the department of children and families its against the law to have a boy and girl of any age to sleep in the same room. But no one is bring it forth and one person can’t just be the only voice everybody needs to start and sign a petition to be heard.

    • What’s not true ????
      If you reapplying to the children different sex sleeping in the same room you really need to do your homework. Cause that’s true you can’t put children of the opposite sex in the same room DCF law I live in Florida that’s been the law for many years

    • Sorry about the half of post yesterday multitasking and post before reading it

      Yes , over five years of ago for it to apply

  231. I applied for low income in clinton and got approved but was put on waiting list how long do you usually have to wait

    • Every county is different. It can range from a few months to decades or longer.

    • Live with my sister and her daughter and her husband really need to get out of there any suggestions

  232. Do I qualify for a 3 bedroom on section 8 if my son is older now or if I make enough for a 3 bedroom. ..

  233. 1 have 3br voucher and can’t find a apartment with 6 people my sons are 23,12,8 and my daughters are 17,6 and my self no one would take my 3 br voucher

    • That is at the landlords discretion. Keep looking until you find one that does.

  234. Currently have a 2 bedroom voucher, living in brooklyn. I’m looking to move to nj and found a house that has lots of bedrooms but the landlord is only charging for a 2 bedroom voucher with utilities included. Will this be accepted by section 8? Its 7 bedrooms to be exact. I called essex county and was told that they bill ny since I have a ny voucher. How exactly does that work? They also said they don’t care how many bedrooms as long as it is within my voucher amount. But since they are saying they bill ny how exactly will that go about? I’m very confused over the whole thing. I have not filed any paperwork yet to port out because I am being told one thing from the office in ny and something else from the office in Essex County which is where I am considering moving to. Really want to know more before attempting to port out

  235. Section 8 wants me to give up my 2 bedroom.apt.after.27 years of being here. It was a Mitchell Lama when I moved n. Became private owned/with NYCHA in 2008. Was told at Orientatation that u could keep larger apt/but now want me alone to go into Studio. I have worked an.now live alone n a beautiful about. Been here 39 years. .Was also told.U could keep larger apt/ but I would pay Excess rent. This is no problem. I want to Definetly keep my 2 bedroom.w/terrace. I receive SS. HELP!
    *** What is a tenant Voucher?

  236. Can my son work. He is 16 and im under section 8. If section 8 finds out he works will their be more money added to the rent or something. Will there be something wrong with section 8 that im violating. Let me know what will happend

  237. My mother on my section 8 as just a ride I can put or take her off anytime, my question is I’m porting out but I’m not taking her with me should I take her off before my appointment cause my voucher is based upon her income jha won’t use my income cause I have not been work 90 days

    • Problem is I’m porting to another city and they may want her to come or they may not , I really need to know cause she’s disable and can’t make unnecessary trips .

  238. Hi. I’m about to go in for my section 8 eligibility in DeKalb County Ga and I have 3 kids…they are two girls ages 12 and 10 and a son who is 1. How many bedrooms will I likely get? Also, if I were to only get a 2 bed voucher and I find a house that is a 3 bedroom is up to the landlord to accept the voucher or is it housing’s decision? If they say 2 bed voucher…is that my ONLY option? Im praying for a 3 bed voucher because I have been promising my girls their own room.

    • Not certain on that counties unit guidelines. Could be 2 or 3 bedroom. If you do get a 2 bedroom you can get a 3 bedroom (or higher) if your landlord agrees. Your co-pay will obviously be higher in that case.

  239. In Ohio, need assistance defining bedroom specifications: is a bedroom defined as a room having a closet in it and do finished and heated attics and basements count as a bedroom????

    • A room is considered a bedroom if it has a door on it. Basement and attics are not consider as bedrooms

    • A room is considered a bedroom if it has a door on it. Basement and attics are not consider as bedrooms

  240. i currently live in san diego. i wanted to know how much my voucher will be and how many bedrooms am i eligible for since i have a son thats 5 and daughter thats 10 whom is going thru changes

  241. Hey. What’s some things that can disqualify a person? I just got at top of list and just sent in have income that doesn’t exceed the limits(no where near) and I don’t have a criminal record or anything. I should be good right?

  242. i live in san diego…….how many bedrooms do i qualify for being that im the only adult with 2 children ages 5 and 10 of opposite sex?

  243. hi, I have a 2 bedroom voucher with 2 boys and am expecting another baby I want to move from where I am but should I wait until the baby comes since my voucher size will go up to a 3 bedroom?

    • I’m sorry but your voucher size will not change do to a new issue to the family its two heart beats per room . Now you can find a landlord who will let you get a three bedroom with a two bedroom voucher at the same amount as a two or you split the difference. Good luck

  244. Hi. Im in Va with a 2bdrm voucher originally from ny, where i was getting a 1bdrm for me and my 3yr old son. Well now he’s 5, he’ll be 6 in march. So i just ported my voucher to nj and I would like to know if I qualify for a 2bd in newark, nj as well? I saw that if its the opposite sex they are supposed to…

  245. What happens if I get married while on section 8 will they kick me off? and how long do I have to report it and how soon will they find out if I do marry?

    • Depends on the income of your spouse. You’ll have to declare it on your annual re-certification papers.

    • They will find out so do report it so you won’t get kicked out , they will do a background check on your husband/ wife to make sure no felonies and no priors. They then will add his / her income to your and there you go.

  246. I just had a baby a month ago and live with my mother who is in the process of applying for SS…there for no-one has an income at the moment. . . I applied a few days ago because my area recently opened up there list and is doing a lottery…my mentor told me I probably won’t get accepted because no-one has an income. Is this true?

  247. I receive disability and have had a voucher for 15 years. I have only lived in two units through this time . I now have to move for this house has sold . My question is when my voucher was issued I was claimed disabled due to several head injuries and several losses of family members . I was able to maintain in this resident because there was basically no change in my routine . However in the past few months I lost another two members of my family bad health, and the loss of my home of all these years. My doctor highly recommended I try to have a companion live with me to assure my depression and simple needs are taken care of . After giving my housing specialist his letter and my explaining that my only trust would be a friend who is also on disability . I have been unable to ask or get any of my questions heard . I was told I had to have him listed on my voucher as a 24/7 companion and his income and application had to be added. I have so many concerns and questions but because I misunderstood the exact form of a question I’ve been acused of being a lier. We corrected the information as honest as was expected but after waiting for several days we were told I didn’t sign all forms , after that all week end and the entire Monday I called her with a Nasty response I had signed on wrong line . This has wasted several of my 60 day limitation for locating a place and my companion is having second thoughts to what he thought was for my behalf. His income has been added on and I can’t get any answers on if this is going to be the best solution for myself and him. I read on here you can add even your old aunt bless on your voucher, does the same rules apply? Because I was told his income had to be included and he had to be there 24/7 .
    I was belittled to the point of despaire . I can not seem to get any information on what my rights are as a disabled person . Or if I will be comfortable having a full time person in my space after so many years of being alone . What happens if he decides to move out , or I don’t like his habits what happens then ? Who will ans. these for me before we both lose our current status ? Please help me !

    • OK I’ll try to answer as many questions you just asked, first things first ask your section 8 worker for a reasonable accommodation form and have your doctor fill it out and mail it back ( MAKE SURE THE DOCTOR MAIL). Then a live in aide form for you to fill out for who you want to live with you and turn it in. So far so good ok after background check and income is verified and added on then y’all find a place and move in. Now moving right along here when you no longer wish to have that person to live with you you can always remove them off your lease through section 8 and you can add someone else but you have to fill out another live in aide form and background check. I really hope I answered all your questions. Good luck

  248. How do I calculate my allowances i.e. electric, gas ,water do I add or subtract it then what do I do after that? I’m so confused

  249. I just got approved for my section 8 in Vallejo CA, I go for my meeting and to pick my voucher up on TuesdTuesday. I’m wondering how many bedrooms (Voucher) will they give me if I have 3 boys ages (5,10,11) and I have a 9 month old baby girl??

    • A two bedroom but you can sometimes find a landlord who will give you a three for a two bedroom voucher

    • It depends where you live. But most states if the kids are 5 and younger they can share a room but also once your son is 6 than he won’t be aloud to sleep in the same room as your daughter. But I’d say a three bedroom. Two people per room.. But I know my worker told me that if I find a place in my price budget I can get a three bedroom.. Because my son is 3 months and my daughter is 3 still gave me a two bedroom voucher but once my daughter is 6 I could get a three bedroom… See if its okay that you find something in your Budget.. Good luck.

    • I live in michigan I have 3 boys 5,3 and a 2 month old they qualified me for a 3 bedroom only thing I dont know is how much is my voucher for any estimates

  250. Do you need an income to get accepted? My mom is in the process of applying for Social security & I just had a baby a month ago…? If they accept me will they just make me get a job or?

    • You don’t have to have a job to get approved it go by your income a job would help increase your voucher

  251. Can you all helping a person with 3 kids 1adult 3kids 1 Girl age16/ 1 Boy. Age 11/ 1boy age 12 / 1Adult 35 girl she has her section 8 voucher trying to fine a house she need a 3 bedroom until she fine her in kids homeless can you help with a place to stay like now email me in let me no

  252. I live in NYC and I’m seeking to relocate to Virginia. My rent is increasing so I’m being told to move to a lower rent two bedroom. I have my husband and one adult child plus I’m expecting a newborn in my family. I know I’m entitled to a three bedroom but want to know how much I’ll be offered when relocating to another state? My rent is $1.999 in NYC so how much would it be if I relocate? Can someone send me information… Thks

    • All depending on the state or county you moving could be more or could be less go on their website and look at the voucher amounts

  253. I have seccion 8 in NY my vouncher is for 2 bedroom …vouncher is $1,250…. do u know how much is the vouncher for 2 bedroom in Philadelphia $$!

  254. Hi i live in central mass and i was living along for a while with a 1 bedroom. I recently had a baby and added my partner on my lease. I am moving now and a new worker is telling me i would still remain in a 1br voucher because my child is not 3 yet. Is this true? I feel like i am being underhoused. 3 people in 1 room? Please let me know!

  255. I just got custody of my 3 children two boys and a girl and we currently live in a two bedroom of course my daughter has her own room and the boys share a room so if I am accepted for section 8 would I need to move to a 3 bedroom even though I really don’t wanna move because my landlord accepts section 8 already and note they are 4 and 5 years of age

  256. I am considering transferring my voucher to Orlando. How many bedrooms am I entitled to? Or is it based in a certain amount?

  257. Can you be a landlord of a Section 8 house and rent it to your Mother who has a Section 8 voucher?

    • You can get a form called ‘reasonable recommendation’ to try rent sect. 8 to a family member. the form is online if u google it or u may need go housing office.

    • reasonable recommendation’ is used for if you need a bigger place for disabled , sick,or special needs .and a doctor fills that out and mail it back. not for you to rent to a family member unless you and your mother go and find a place together not your place another landlord and you and her is on the same lease. I hope that answer your question good luck

  258. I live in Marin County, California and just received my one bedroom section 8 voucher yet live in a two bedroom over the max allowed.
    1. Can I use the 2nd bedroom for my counseling practice making up the difference each month?
    2. Can my 4 year current landlord evict me for not wanting the section 8 voucher ?

  259. actually please don’t use my real name. give a different one like my middle name Kime.

    • Most likely a 4 bedroom. It depends on the current budget of the area your in. They can put you in a 3 bedroom, since the living room is considered a sleeping area and you can have two people per sleeping room. Yes I understand you and a child would have to share. Again depending on budget you may be able to get a 5 bedroom. Either way you can always look for a bigger unit as long as the price is within your range. I was told I can not have a 3 bedroom voucher until we have a 7th family member. Even though I have 4 children of different sexes and their ages range from 1-14.

  260. Hi i live in NJ and i moved out of my mothers house. I was in her section 8 voucher and she has a 3 bedroom. They told her she needs to find a 2 bedroom as soon as possible because staying in there and pay the difference will be considered fraud?! He had told her last yr she can stay and just pay the difference. Now he says the opposite. Can this change happen in some states is that a lie?

    • She can stay and pay the difference IF the landlord allows it. He doesn’t have to (unless you have a signed lease)

    • Is that the same in CA? I was awarded the housing voucher last June for a 2 bedroom but there turned out to be no funding. When the funding did come in December, my daughter had just moved out in November. I still have a lease and want to stay and pay the difference. There are no available units in Marin County that will accept section 8.

  261. Nelson… Do u live in NJ as well? I dont understand why would the guy from our local office say that? My moms landlord wants her to stay… Just weird.

  262. I have an Enhanced Voucher. I am in a 3 bedroom with myself, and 2 granddaughters. They are requesting I move to a 2 bedroom in my complex. One granddaughter is 14 and the other one is 8. I had read that if there is a 5 yr age difference they can be in their own room. If they share a room it will be totally disturbing for both of them. Homework area, bedtimes and privacy for the 14yr old. If I want to stay and pay any difference would that be possible. Figuring out my rent now I realize that I am already paying 48% of my monthly income per month instead of the usual 40%. This has been going on for 10yrs already. What are my options at this point?

    • There is no options it’s two heartbeats per room. Your landlord may or may not allow you to pay the difference to stay in the already three bedroom unit it’s up to your landlord to accept those terms or you can move into A 2 bedroom or find someone that will accept a 2-bedroom voucher for a 3 it all depends where you live at what county and what state. there’s no options like I said it’s two heartbeats per room on Section 8 as of this time their not doing age or sex of the child any more…. But you can request a reasonable accommodation packet and have a doctor sign it and mail it back to your worker do not take it to your work have the doctor mail it to your worker. Good luck

    • I reside in Orange County, New York. My complex manager has no issue with me staying in my 3 bedroom and the figures show a probable increase of $40.00. She even said that paying the extra money is better than having to move 3 bedrooms into 2. (that is her opinion) I have been in the same place for 20yrs. With some personal cut-backs, I would be able to pay the increase. Would section 8 have a problem with that?

    • No as long as the landlord agrees and the out of pocket is between you and the landlord.

  263. I live in Sullivan Co TN and only qualify for a 2bdrm voucher. I have a 16 year old daughter and 15 year old son and was told either they’d have to share a room or she and I would. This just doesn’t seem right to me at ALL. When I lived in VA I qualified for a 3 bdrm because of their gender. I guess in TN the mother’s privacy isn’t taken into consideration nor the children’s. Or maybe I should call someone higher up in the program.

  264. Can anyone email me re my issue with Section 8 giving me hard time. In NC they say I have to move out of my two bedroom house since my son moved out, so can I move in anyone else besides a minor, such as my brother or aunt? They go by income of course which i am on disability. My landlord renovated the extra bedroom into a 1 bedroom and section 8, housing authority in NC is saying, that she needs to make that change at the tax office, yet City Planning, says the landlord only makes that change at tax office is if, she is adding onto the house with expenses of more than $1000, which she isnt. HUD said they cant help because Housing Authority can make up their own rules, so is that correct? email is [email protected]

  265. i am supposed to move to a one bedroom since my daughter moved out, yet my landlord renovated the house from a 2br to 1 br and even lowered my rent to a 1 br, yet section 8 says, she needs to adjust that at the tax office. Is that true? Or should she get an attorney. Hud says, section 8 can make any rules they want.

  266. I have a 5years old son I’m pregnant with my second child(gril) I live in Indiana for an year n was able to move I have a 2 bedroom voucher I was told I can move out state when my year up so I want to move to cook country I was told with my 2 bedroom voucher I can get a 3 bedroom in my price range depending on the city but most place will not allow me to get a 3 bedroom with a 2bedroom can u please tell me why they won’t accept it when I was told I can.

  267. I have a three bed voucher in Hayward Cali but it’s hard finding a place can I get a two bedroom but still have the three bedroom amount or do they use the two bed payment standard? I have two sons and a newborn so two bed right now is OK to keep my voucher u know.

  268. I live in indiana with a 3 bedroom voucher i want to transfer to orlando fl but i was told i will get a 2 bedroom . I have a son who is 8 and a daughter who is 9 . They will be 9 and 10 this year. So i would like to know will i get a 3 bedroom or a 2 bedroom voucher?

    • A two bedroom voucher because its two heart beats to a room they don’t go by gender or age anymore. Good luck cause I’m my mother’s caregiver and she’s a rider on my case and they tried to put us in a one bedroom until her case manager had us to do a reasonable accommodation forms by her doctor.and we also transfered to Orlando all apartments here who accepts section 8 have waiting lists so you better jump on a list now ASAP or you will be suck paying your full rent where you at now until your transfer is complete and your lease is up .

  269. If these tenants got legal aid to help them or an attorney sect 8 would change their tune. Complaining to your senator and governor also. Studies have shown that boys who sleep with their mother end up being Gay. Boys sleeping with their sisters etc end up committing adultery when older. Research proves it.

  270. Hi I live in san Bernardino California I have a 3 bedroom its me my adult daughter n grand daughter (7) iv been here 6 years now they are down sizing me if I stay I have to pay 600$ im a school bus driver smh I can’t make that rent wat can I do?? Besides pray

  271. I just got my section 8 voucher in Oceanside CA for one bedroom. And I have a 14 yrs old son with me. can I get a two bedroom apartment? I was thinking to convert the living to a bedroom.