Section 8 application – How to apply

Steps to apply for the section 8 application

First, determine which income group you fall into

Wanna apply for the section 8 application? In order to obtain a Section 8 Program Housing Voucher, you need to meet many requirements and one of them is falling under the income group that normally qualifies for getting Section 8 Program Housing facilities.

The various income groups are calculated on the median income of the particular city or state and this income may vary from year to year. For instance around 2000 and 2003 the US median income was around $62,200 and in 2008 it rose to around $67,000. So whether you fall under low-income group, very low-income group or extremely low-income group depends on what percentage of the median income constitutes of your total income. Let us quickly go through the various low-income groups.

Low-income group

· Low-income group: Your income is 20% less than the median income of your region. According to 2007 figures if you are a single person family and your income is around $59,400 per annum then you come under the low-income group. The per annum figure increases with the number of members in the family. If there are two members in your family then your family falls under the low-income group if your family income per annum is $67,900. If there are five people in your family then a family income of $91,605 qualifies you as the low-income group family. So there are different numbers for different families.

Very low-income group

· Very low-income group: Your income is 50% less than the median income of your region. Again, according to 2007 figures if you’re a single person family and your annual income is $37,150 then you belong to the very low-income group. Your family belongs to the very low-income group if there are five members in your family and your annual income is $57,300. We repeat here that there are different numbers for different families.

Extremely low income group

Extremely low-income group: Your income is 70% less than the median income of your region. This means, according to 2007 figures, if you are a single person family and your annual income doesn’t exceed $22,300 then you belong to the extremely low-income group. Similarly if there are five family members and the annual income is $34,400 then your family belongs to the extremely low-income group.

You can obtain various income limitation charts from the housing authority offices. This is crucial information. You can learn more tips about how to obtain section 8 housing quickly here.

Who gets priority?

Priority is given to the extremely low income group. But basically these are the three groups that qualify for Section 8 Housing Vouchers.

Watch: Video Summary of How to Apply For Section 8 – Then read below for full details

Make sure your information is accurate

section 8 application

The key to successfully obtaining a section 8 housing program voucher is submitting as much accurate information as possible. Whenever the public housing authority invites new applications there are thousands of applicants and only a few hundred are included in the waiting list and some claim that the last person in the waiting list gets the voucher as late as in two years! So you can easily make out why it is so important to meet all the requirements when you are applying for a section 8 Housing program voucher. By making all the requirements you remove practically all the hurdles on your way to obtaining your section 8 program housing voucher.

List of Requirements for the Section 8 Application

So what are these requirements? Let us quickly go through them one by one.

Criminal Record

· There should be no criminal records pertaining to you within the past five years. First it used to be just one year but recently it got extended to five years.

Only apply for a section 8 application where you live

· You should be living in the city or county where you are planning to avail the housing facility.


Identification card

· You should have ready with you the social security cards of all your family members in the household and the names on the section 8 application must exactly meet the names on the social security cards.

· The latest photo identification proofs of all the family members that are 18 years or older and 62 years or younger. These photo identification proofs can be anything like driving licenses and membership cards.

· Documented proofs of income generated by all the earning family members in the household, including the head of the family. If you are employed (applies to every family member who is earning) then you will have to obtain a wage certificate from your employer.

· The names of all the family members, their dates of birth, individual phone numbers and their current addresses; the head of the family must supply this information pertaining to himself or herself too.

· The original birth certificates of all the family members.

Proof of residency

Proof of residency such as utility bills

· The proof of your permanent residence in the form of telephone bill or another utility bill. In case you lost your permanent resident due to some accident or natural disaster you will need to visit your local natural disaster center and obtain a written recommendation from there.

Report your income

Report your income

· Are you getting social security and other social welfare allowances and pensions? You may need to mention that and supply the concerned documents at the time of section 8 application submission.

Even if you are getting child-support you have to mention that. On the other hand if you are providing child-support you can mention that too. Similarly, if you are earning through other direct and indirect means such as property and investments you will need to reveal that. Hiding such information won’t work in your favor because eventually it gets found out and then it creates more problems and delays for you and your family.



· Information regarding any kind of disability in the family along with certified proof of the disability.

· Age or disability certificate if you are applying as a disabled person or as a person over 62 years of age.

You’ll want to meet all the requirements to apply for a section 8 program for your own benefit because it significantly speeds up the entire process and eliminates the possible hiccups.

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