k. stone asked 6 months ago

I’ve been wrongly written up and now in process of eviction couldn’t prove to her otherwise she’s right and obviously not, so after a weird instane my friend gets dropped of from a co-worker cause vehicle wouldn’t start, (another reason I got wrongly accused cause it was here consecutive days prolly 3 small town he has a lot of friends in area and I got written up and I didn’t even see him, no prove no word wasnt considered a like to her)well he gets dropped off she musta seen that, stood in the shed out by parking area waiting patiently I don’t know how long, friend was with me an hour that morning for coffee, cold rainy day, I walk out with him to take him to work ( the only day i have taken him to work) and there she is ripping our ass and telling us I’m gonna be homeless of he stayed another.  I couldn’t convince her, even tho she seen him get dropped off j was called a liar again, next day I got the 3 letters, complaint to office, they said it’s easy if I provided proof of residency, well I asked if current opened bank account info would work, she said sure, I submit, then I got remind I have till the 15th to prove proper paper work, they want a bill with a time status at residency, well my lifetime I’ve had had roommates or been a roommate, well I wouldn’t be able to provide that, I don’t know his person I business in detail and they getting kinda person I in his business, and nothing is enough anyways for her she’s right were wring end of story she don’t want me here I’ve been wrongly accused and written up many times, from headboard on porch until proper storage to rust stains on porch she considered stain when it wasn’t, to a disturbance to damage repair, all cause my kid missed catch from a ball hit neighbor porch bounced hit door, she kept football until damage is covered and payed for, whish that info is on the eviction notice back to the point of, what information is legal for me to stay and not get evicted? bank statement with mailing and phiscal address isn’t good enough, so if that’s not what will be without giving out to much personal business? please and thanks I have till tomorrow!  oh yea and the zero income worksheet and my annual, if you have a blank copy of what the expenses are required on that to be a resident due to no income at moment, I don’t understand nothing and the reason, any help and advice will work, no reason me and my son need to go homeless or even move at that matter with no income and during the holidays she knows exactly where that’d put us and having no income and rent increase is strange also. thanks. 

Anon replied 6 months ago

Can you get a written statement from your friend’s coworker saying that he/she dropped off your friend and is willing to say that in court? I would also call the police station and make a complaint against your landlord, saying that you have a witness that your friend was dropped off. You should have made a police complaint each time you had a problem with her.

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