Ask QuestionsCategory: I have Section 8Transferring/ adding section 8 from my mom to her spouse of 20+ yrs ( not married legally) in FL
Rosario asked 12 months ago

My mother has been married to my step dad for 20 yrs. They are not legally married. She receives her income through SSI and he also receives state assistance. She recently has been placed in  a rehab center and might be entering total care assistance. This can possibly be at home, or at the center once the overview is complete.
My questions are: Can the voucher be transferred to him so that he can continue to live in their apartment? Or can he be added to the voucher? My fear is that he will be denied of either one, and if she remains in the care of the facility, he will be put out.  What exactly should be my questions to the case worker on his behalf? What forms should I complete with him? 

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