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Carolina asked 2 months ago

  • my mom is getting a 2 bedroom apartment but I’m 18 considered any adult & have a 12 year old brother what can we do for a 3 bedroom my mom has health issues & I can not be in the same room as her also need my   Privacy as much as she does who and how can we do something about that we live in phx az & could are rent go higher if we needed just to get a 3 bedroom 

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Angela Hiner answered 3 weeks ago

Unfortunately, the guidelines are very clear on what type of dwelling a family can get according to what sex the members of the family are.  Now, I am not sure if that could change because you are 18,, but i do know for a fact that one adult female (your mom), and 2 children of the same sex (again not sure of age requirements or restrictions), are eligible for a 2 bedroom unit.  You may want to have your mom contact her caseworker to see about the age factor in the state where you live.  

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