Raquel Alicea asked 2 years ago

I live in Portage Indiana and I have a family who lives next door to me receiving Section 8. Patricia Kozik has 6 children living in a two bedroom duplex which is not the standard 2 heartbeats plus one accordance by law and when the landlord tells her she is in violation to his rules on on occupancy, she dismisses the fact that she does not want to move.  Our landlord has a three bedroom home for rent but in another city.  Patricia also has her boyfriend, Jasper Cannon, (father of her children) living there too.  He refuses to work.  The only one working in the house is their 18 year old daughter, whom they take her money.  The only reason for my letter is that it is unfair that children are sleeping on mattresses in the living room. They should all have a proper home with proper bedrooms.  Patricia has 4 daughters and two sons.  Please send this letter of concern to all those who need to be involved.  I am only looking out for the kids.  

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Susan Finn answered 8 months ago

E, Dorsey 407 lousiana champaign, il. is letting different people live in her home including one son and girlfriend who are known drug dealer, Other son also living with her and his baby mother and baby who died of overdose while in the home, She allows many people in her home and sit in yard drinking alcohol and yelling. Very inappropriate.

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