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Kathye Haston asked 1 year ago

How can I apply for section 8 when every housing authority supposedly in my area (Tarrant County,Texas) that I was given a number to call,  keeps telling me that they cannot help me.  They are all closed. or they are not taking applications. I’m on SSI for a mental disability.  This is my only source of income.  Right now I’m staying with some one.  I sleep on their living room floor or couch and giving money for being there.  I know I cannot stay here.  And I cannot afford a motel. Nor an apartment and their requirements for me to live in with just my SSI amount alone. There is also at least two year waiting just to maybe be able to apply for income based living apartments. They are telling me NO too. What other agency can help me? Can the Social Security department where I receive my SSI help me get on section 8 or help me find a place to live? So as not to be homeless on the streets or living in a shelter and that’s only if I make it in time or if they have the space?   Is where my living arrangement at this time, which is short term not homeless?  Do I have to lose everything I own and live on the streets for me to MAYBE get help with a place to live.  I’ve looked, called and did what I was and am told to do.  But, when all I get is NO…  What else can I do.  Please someone help me with information where I can live under my own roof and not completely homeless or living on someone else’s living room.  Where can I turn for help with my situation? 

Arlene replied 1 year ago

I received ssi and I have custody of my 7 years old granddaughter.can I get section 8 and a two bedroom

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