Betsy Sanchez asked 1 year ago

I am currently on section 8 in Nevada and I’m having some issues,first i live in a 3 bedroom home with my 2 sons one is 18 and 4,now my other 2 moved out on their own and I reported that to my worker when I did my recertification in july, and in August I had my annual inspection and passed,in October I received a letter from section 8 saying that in November my rent was increasing to $300 and that my allowance check would stop because the the landlord requested more money now mind you I don’t have any income and I never received a notice from the landlord as to why my rent is going up and I never got a new lease cause the lease I have is from 2013 which still has the original rent amount of $1,200 and my two older kids names is still on there so even after the fact i reported my oldest kids moving out the landlord or housing authority never provided me with a new lease I tried to call my case worker about the issue come to find out she longer worked and that her supervisor was handling her cases I also was not aware of my worker being gone,so I asked the supervisor why do I have to pay $300 for a three bedroom she says since my household size decreased and I’m on a 2 bedroom voucher now and  that I have to pay for having an extra room and that they’re not going to pay the extra $300 just $1000 but I was told before that when my youngest turned 4 that he can qualify for his own room. So I ask the landlord again why do I have to pay $300 they said because the landlord requested more money from section 8 but it doesn’t make sense for them to that if I’m not working am I being violated 

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