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Lee asked 10 months ago

I recently married and my wife is on Sec 8. We are in the process of adding me to her voucher but i no longer have my physical SocialSecurity¬† Card. I have a state issued DL, a passport and Port issued photo-ID badge for my job granted after an intense background check. Do I really need a physical Social Security card to be added to the program? Mine was lost some years ago and I haven’t had to provide it for anything(employment, medical procedures, tax purposes, etc.). I’m asking so i can verify the quickest way my addition can be facilitated. I’m sure that thru all the years of not having to provide it, while simultaneosly being subjected to and being approved by said intense background check, whatever information is provided on the SS card can be and has been verified without it being present. With the information being supplied and verified through standard processes without the physical card, can the physical card be supplied later?
Thank you for your time and I anticipate your response. Thanks.

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